Why Not Take Half of Me?

Why Not Take Half of Me?

Why not take half of me?

I had this photo left over from the September. It looks like it is half a photo.

Started with this half photo

So thought I would have a play. I don’t have any fancy editing suites but do have the very old-fashioned Paint – I had a mad five minutes and did this πŸ˜‰

It is a slideshow so wait for a second and it will change.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love blogging – doing posts like this, writing about me and my man. Discussing the occasional more serious issue or having fun creating a smutty story.

A few lovely people nominated me for the UK Blogging awards. Now it is voting time.

This is the first year they have incorporated SEX as a category. I think we may have Molly and Michael to thank for that as I remember seeing some tweets from Michael about how sex-bloggers would like to be included.

We are allowed to be listed in two categories. So you can vote for more than one blogger by checking out the other categories they areΒ  in.

Or vote for the same blogger in both categories. I know Molly, for example, is in Photography as well as Sex. I’m in Sex and Lifestyle – a few other sex bloggers are also in the busy lifestyle category.

If you like the work I do on this blog; my writing and photos, then I would be thrilled if you would vote for me.

26 thoughts on “Why Not Take Half of Me?

  1. Fun pic!
    Get the ‘Layout’ app by Instagram [free] for your phone/tablet and you can do this stuff easily. You don’t need an Insta account either.

  2. I love this dress jacket – I would think it affords lots of delightful opportunities! You have incredible arches and killer legs – wow.

    1. you know u are right about that jacket! I bought it in a sale about 5 years ago and have had no end of fun with it πŸ˜‰ x

  3. I love this image of you, the way your toe is pointed and showing off you beautiful leg!

    Rebel xox

  4. Wonderfully creative May. And even though it’s only half of you – well, what a half. You have struck a very artistic and sexy pose. I love the theatrical feel. xx

  5. This is brilliant. So sexy in the black jacket and fishnets. And the edits are fab; what great boobs πŸ™‚ Good luck with the voting too; I love your blog and the variety of your posts.

  6. I love the dainty leg pose, May. Fun edit, that turns into quite the outfit ! All of you horny bloggers in the sex category are lucky I am not in the UK, because you wouldn’t stand a chance! ( at this point I had better install a πŸ™‚ for your readers without a sense of humor) Fun post, I’ve already voted, btw.

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