Hats for Sinful Sunday & a bit more

I love hats and when I saw this one in a charity shop for £2.50 I could not resist it. Fabulous bargain as it retails for £30 and is brand new. I do have quite a few hats but like shoes, a girl can never have too many.

Sinful Sunday has really inspired me when editing a photo. So I put these three selfies into a triptych using paint as we do not have photo-shop.

Hats on Sinful Sunday #380

The next part of this post, for Summer 100, is about the fictional series I have been writing entitled The Curse. I have included a little bit about it here as am hoping some of my Sinful Sunday regulars may have a read of it…

Apart from a short for TMI Tuesday and a fantasy sequence within a post, the first fictional story I wrote for my blog was last November. Inspired by a prompt from Wicked Wednesday. It was all about a priest and a young woman. It is still one of my most popular reads.

As I was writing it I would stop and laugh every so often. The way the scene was unfolding from the vision I had in my head tickled me. I really liked how it turned out. Naturally, at school, I had to do a little creative writing but that probably got sidelined when I was about 14. The grades I received were good. As I loved writing I did continue with my very descriptive diaries for many years then the business of child-rearing got in the way and it became hard enough to find time to read let alone pen a diary entry.

Posting my non-fiction articles about my sex life and lifestyle issues really fired my imagination – opened it up again. Once I had written that first fictional piece I yearned to write more. My mind is full of so many different ideas. Good, bad and lots of taboo.

When I started The Curse I really thought it would last for about three episodes. I had a rough sketch of the storyline in my head.  Eddie, my main character was firmly fixed though. And it has been him who has pushed it along – six parts now and at least another four or five to come.

Here are the characters, with plot line so far. I have included links in case you want to have a peek at a particular part.

Eddie has had a really quiet boring childhood. Very ordinary, with one real talent, the ability to distinguish smells and indeed to pick up an aroma from a long way off. This does confuse him. One night he realises that the most potent and desirable smells he has been experiencing are in fact that of a woman menstruating.

This is when Justine comes into the story. She is quite a plain girl but he can not resist her scent. The attention flatters her. They start seeing each other when she has her period. Eddie literally drinking her blood. He finds it actually has a positive effect on his mental and physical capabilities. Things begin to go right for him.

Eddie gets a little big for his boots and when Alice, a real looker, shows an interest in him he takes her out thinking it will be good for his image to be seen with a “hip chick.” But her blood does not seem to give Eddie the lift that Justine’s had. He decides to forget about Alice but when he tries to pick up with Justine again she tells him she knows about Alice and does not want to see him again.

Eddie has no choice but to seek out the easy pickings from the sticky-floored pubs of the West End. This gives him the regular boost of blood he needs to progress with his advancing career. If he doesn’t get to go down on a woman who is menstruating about every two or three weeks he gets tired and needs to sleep a lot.

A friend from work, Jake, tells him he has a new girlfriend and asks Eddie to make up a double date. Eddie takes Chloe, one of his more presentable West End pickups. He is shocked when he finds out that Jake’s girlfriend is Justine. It has been quite a while since he has seen her and she is looking gorgeous, the results of working out at the gym. Eddie cannot keep his eyes off her.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Eddie become very good friends. Just friends. Chloe is a rich bitch and Eddie rents a room in her flat. Together they go out on the pull. Chloe is experimenting sexually and likes girls too. They pick up Bee and back at the flat the three of them have a very hot night indeed.

There is also something else going on that has not yet been revealed. It is possible that Eddie is being interview or questioned about Justine.

That’s where I am up to. Please delve in and do comment, even if you are not keen. All opinions welcome.

Other hot fiction to read,  from Quill or take a lot at Miss Scarlett’s true life experiences.

Hats and fiction

27 thoughts on “Hats for Sinful Sunday & a bit more”

  1. When I was a teen, I subscribed to Victoria Magazine. It was all lavender and lovely dresses and tea and pressed flowers. Anyway, the way you’ve shot these photos remind me exactly of that vibe, the soft focus and colors and the hat. Just obviously with the added gorgeous element of your breasts. Lovely.

  2. You are such a sexy lady. I love the combination between the mystery and the reveal in your pictures. The balance is brilliant. There is something very sophisticated but also decadent ?

  3. Love this set of pics! Your photo editing turned out beautiful, just like the very subject!

  4. I have a penchant for a hat too May and a bargain. Lovely images and so good to make it a threesome ….I mean a triptych. As the French say when they praise something, Chapeau!

  5. The third photo is my favorite. Something about the way you’ve turned your head makes it almkst mysterious.

    I’m working on catching up on the story. I’m a bit behind lately on reading, but have it cued. Hoping things slow down enough for me to enjoy the recent chapters

  6. i love me a tryptich and i love a lady in a hat, especially with her boobs out. Great pics! so Fun!

  7. Of course, dear May, you know what I think of your images.

    Another fine installment in your bloodlust story, and now you have addressed something that I have been wondering and searching for an answer, without success. There is also something else going on that has not yet been revealed. It is possible that Eddie is being interview or questioned about Justine. I have my suspicions. You have been devious and very naughty to do this.

  8. I love charity shops! I’ve had some awesome bargains over the summer! I never look for hats, but your images may have changed that 🙂 what a wonderful idea, and wonderful images as well x

  9. Lovely images. This made me think that I should go to the charity shop (we only have two) with the sole purpose to look for photo props!

    Rebel xox

  10. You look good in that hat! Yes, I do prefer the naked one so hopefully there are more in the series – I imagine one could have a lot of fun posing with nothing but a hat. I would need a sombrero of course…*
    (*said every man, ever)

  11. Such a lovely hat series May . . . I particularly like the first one . . . summer certainly the time for hats !!!
    Will be sure to read your writings when I return !!!
    Xxx – K

  12. Well you inspired my sinful sunday image this week and you might have done it again this week. I have not had my summer hat out this year but I must rectify that as I rarely get to wear it in this country


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