Humourous image for Sinful Sunday

Humourous image for Sinful Sunday

I have the utmost respect for anyone who has a disability and carries on living their life with a positive attitude. In our sex blogging community, I have got to know many writers who would fall into this category.

I injured my leg rather badly nearly 2 years ago. I was immobile and then on crutches for quite a while. Thankfully, I am almost completely recovered now.ย  During that time I did not always manage a happy face. In fact, I was probably a grumpy madam. The experience made me very thankful for my mobility and my limbs.

When my man and I were holidaying earlier this year we often had a beach to ourselves so took some fun and sexy photos. I loved the look of this cliff face. I asked him to take a few photos while I played at climbing the lower rocks. To take the shots he was over on a different cliff ledge.ย  He could only photograph from the left side. With this in mind I should have had my right leg down and the left one up so then both could be seen. However, because of my injury, I wasn’t confident with having all my weight on my right leg. Consequently, we have this photo where you can only see one leg. I look like a stork or flamingo bird. We saw the humourous side to it, but I quite liked the image so wished the other leg had been on view.

This is the original humourous shot – I have not edited it at all


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28 thoughts on “Humourous image for Sinful Sunday

  1. You almost look like youโ€™re in the middle of the cancan. Doing a leg kick and waving your arms. Itโ€™s still a lovely photo even if you donโ€™t like the leg placement, and thats very important to note

    I do think about how Iโ€™d be if I had a disability or a restriction of any kind. Iโ€™d be grumpy as being restricted or held back would depress me.

  2. As Indigo said, the contrast of the rough texture of the rock against the smooth, soft skin works so well. Itโ€™s a very dynamic image, and while Iโ€™m sure you felt a bit vulnerable at the time, I think you look absolutely unstoppable!

  3. What a glorious warm image May, I love the idea of juxtaposing ones tender bits with the rocks. And now I have Pretty Flamingo song going around in my head dammit!

  4. I was only when you mentioned the missing leg that I noticed it but once spotted I couldn’t un-see it. It did definitely give me chuckle. However what I really love about this shot is how strong and beautiful your back looks


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