In League with the Ivy for #SinfulSunday

Ivy has the power to bring down an oak. It symbolises determination.

I am most at home in my wellies and a waterproof jacket…

The Ivy and Me
Last Week

Here is my favourite from last weeks images. It would make a great story prompt.


28 thoughts on “In League with the Ivy for #SinfulSunday”

  1. I love this! It reminded of me of Ann Firbank’s wonderfully erotic scene in “Accident”, putting out washing in the pouring rain, barefoot and in a mackintosh 😉 x

    1. Oh wow. I wrote my comment and then clicked to see which one you liked from last week. I got a little thrill! Thanks May 🙂

    1. If my man had his way you would have seen more than cleavage for this image. Not that you haven’t seen all that before but I wanted some shots in my outdoor gear! Naked under the jacket though 😉

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