lupins flower bed

Lupins and me for #SinfulSunday

We were playing in a beautiful flower bed recently. Lupins and other gorgeous blooms.

Here are a couple of the shots from that afternoon.

Lupins plus some other attractive blooms


There were lots of great shots last week. This one was my favourite. Such anticipation.

Kiss the lips below to see other blooming good images…


We took this very popular shot on the same day as the ones above…

31 thoughts on “Lupins and me for #SinfulSunday”

  1. You naked in a field is so tempting… But I’m allergic to pollens… But it would be so worth it… aargh! What to do what to do?
    May More naked in a field of wildflowers… here comes the asthma!

  2. Lupins are one of my absolute favourite wildflowers! Stunning pics, such a perfect portrait of summer!

  3. Oh these are so lovely! I especially like the focus of the one you used as a header, and the way its abstractions make the imagination work …

  4. Oh wow – this is so beautiful. I love the way you use nature in your pictures and combine it with your own sexiness. 🙂

    1. Absolutely Luv Bunny – that comment is spot on!

      May – lovely images, I am not sure which I love best, the out of focus one is so deliciously coloured. I love the complimentary colours of the yellow/purple lupin in sharp focus.


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