Man Mountain Guest Image for Sinful Sunday

Man Mountain Guest Image for Sinful Sunday

I have been a fan of Fettler’s Selfie with a Difference for some time.

Fettler also has a website with loads more images and musings. Although it is not currently up to date because of work commitments.

In his own words he is:

A Photographer, Naturist, Writer, Engineer, Biker

This is a glorious image that really matches its title.

man mountian
Man Mountain – Copyright @fettler


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Man mountain Sinful Sunday

26 thoughts on “Man Mountain Guest Image for Sinful Sunday

  1. Wow. I hadn’t realized how much I’d miss such a sight. I’m single and I’ve been sleeping alone for the last four years. I rarely wake up to men these days so I also rarely get to see such intimate parts of them.

  2. Wonderful image. I’ve recently discovered and been enjoying Fettlers self portraits.
    This is a great one.
    Missy x

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