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Man O Man ~ Guest Post on Sex Matters

I have  to say that lately I have moaned about Twitter somewhat. One good thing that has come from it, is some great virtual friends. One of them appreciated some of my photos from Sinful Sunday and I took a look at his – just to be polite you understand 😉 And here they are from Mike Smith.

Man O Man ~ Skin on Wood ~ Click to enlarge

Mike : I like the simple things in life – cooking good food, running, going to gym, music, a little bit of photography. I like the light, but probably most of all the shadows…

Give Mike some love and pop over and see some other great photos.

Sinful Sunday – where its all about the image…

week #344

21 thoughts on “Man O Man ~ Guest Post on Sex Matters”

  1. Every one of these photos is bloody amazing! And each in different ways! I am also on a Twitter moan lately.. Must be something in the cyber air lol
    Aurora x

  2. As a lover of arm and hand porn you made me stop in my tracks and enjoy a good lingering look! I LOVE these pics!

  3. Oh my these are so incredibly sexy particularly the second image which captures one of my favourite parts of the male body


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