Mirrored and Reflected ~ Him and Me on Sinful Sunday

sex bloggiing hologram

Mirrored and Reflected


This image looks lustrous full-size – Click on photo to enlarge and see my man filming through the mirror.


There are two ways of spreading light: To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it… Edith Wharton

Kiss the lips to join other sinners

Mirrored Sinful Sunday
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30 thoughts on “Mirrored and Reflected ~ Him and Me on Sinful Sunday

  1. I really love reflection images… they’re so easy to play with. I feel like this would be a good photo prompt for a dirty version of a fairy tale. ^^

  2. I love mirror shots. Great that we can see this image enlarged. You look so sleepy. Your bottom peeping out from under your slip is delightfully sexy. All sorts of thoughts are running through my head.

  3. You on the bed makes me think of a Hopper painting.

    Cool photo, clever idea with the man filming… almost like thru a window… does she know? Love mirror shots. Perfect color treatment with this theme.

    1. ah i had the image attached to another page – sorted it – now it is actually attached to the photo so clicking on it gives you the full image

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