More Lights for #SinfulSunday

Can’t decide on an edit I like best for this lights selfie.

To be honest I think I should have had more light in the room generally when I took this. I was just sitting in the bathroom in the dark alone with the fairy lights. Maybe a candle or low lit lamp would have helped the quality of the image.

It is what it is 😉

If you are on a mobile phone then you need to turn it sideways.

Last and Past Sinful Sundays

Last week this was my favourite image.

A few years ago I hosted a faboulous guest post where lights were involved.



21 thoughts on “More Lights for #SinfulSunday”

    1. Thanks Julie – I am not sure how clear they are on the phone – I can make them out on my laptop – the middle one is clearest x

  1. Oh I love this one because you can see the shape of your breasts underneath the lights and it looks very artsy like this. The lights also cast these beautiful dark shadows on the side of your body, highlighting the middle.

  2. Did you take it on your phone or a DSLR? If on a camera than I would have thought you could adjust the ISO to get more light into the image although it can make it grainy too


  3. The most clear image to me is the one with the sharpened contrast. The grainy one has a slightly ghostly feel to it though, which is kind of cool.

    1. Thanks Feve. I could have gone in again for another go – but just thought no – this was what i got “in the moment” and liked that idea

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