Motionless ~ Bound by Convention Sinful Sunday & SoSS

Motionless ~ Bound by Convention Sinful Sunday & SoSS

Sinful Sunday and Share our Shit Saturday

Last week on Sinful Sunday I mentioned how my man waited three years for me. Then a time came when my commitments had been fulfilled but I actually found I was motionless. I could not seem to see any way to remove myself from my domestic situation. I convinced myself that I was trapped.

Learned helplessness – perceived absence of control over the outcome of a situation.

Eventually, I did take control and made changes so my life could move in a positive direction. My man and I could finally be together.

Motionless – Moss two – Click on image to enlarge

Another photo taken from the moor that depicts being motionless quite well – it has an eerie feel to it so I thought it was apt for Halloween.

Kiss the lips for other Sinful Sunday #342 images…

Sinful Sunday
Share our Shit Saturday

There is one thing apart from sex and food I am passionate about and that’s free speech. I think people should have the right to speak their opinions and choose what information to view.

I noticed last week that the #sinfulsunday group was not including Molly’s tweets. Investigating further I realised Twitter has some filters switched on by default. This annoys me greatly. I am an adult and am more than capable of deciding what I should and should not see. Molly had been shadowbanned. Seen as someone who is publishing sensitive content. Find out more about it here from Molly herself.

You can check here to see if you have been shadowbanned.

We can all fight this kind of ridiculous censorship by sharing adult content we have read or seen recently, on our blogs, and link it to #SoSS on Twitter.

This week I would like to share:

Charles Baudelaire – Key to pointing Michaels Way – By – Not a sexy post but an awesome read.

Sinful Sunday image from last week by Rebels notes – Wall Hugger – it is just glorious.


Another amazing image by Midnight at the Oasis – A window into times past


22 thoughts on “Motionless ~ Bound by Convention Sinful Sunday & SoSS

  1. This is such a beautiful image. I love how all the colors seem to blend 🙂

    Rebel xox

    PS: Thank you for the mention!

  2. You have a lovely ass 🙂 and I echo all the above sentiments. There’s a deathly stillness in this picture. As if you’re Snow White waiting to be kissed. I’m glad you broke thru that motionless-ness

  3. Hard to make an original comment, but I too think it has the eerie feel, partly the colours, partly the way you are lying there, partly the shadows and partly your stillness (I think). The hat just works.
    And beautiful body, lovely – gorgeous long legs…
    Indie x

  4. I love how the shadows fall across your body in this image; the hat is perfectly placed, and you look so serene. It’s a beautifully-composed photo and nice to be reminded to warmer weather this time of year.

  5. Your man has framed the shot perfectly – the hat on one side balances your nude frame in the other.
    And now that we have got the ‘art appreciation’ taken care of, let’s all also admit you have a great bod too. Love that ‘arse’ – and the legs are lovely too!

    1. Thank you, I thought it had an eerie feel to it and the hat was there because that is where I tossed it – but we decided to leave it when the shot was being taken.

  6. Eerie in a sexy way, the way the hat is leaning against the plant gives an ominous feeling, this is not someone lounging on the grass… and the color… 50’s vibe the way some photographs came out then.

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