Muse for the Moment on Sinful Sunday

Muse for the Moment on Sinful Sunday

I have been sketched before. A boy I was in school with as a late teenager had a dreadful crush on me for several years. I became his muse for quite a while.

He would photograph me and then produce some marvellous sketches and even paintings of my image.

Quill ( ETC) messaged me a few weeks ago asking if he could sketch a few of the photos from my blog. He showed me some of his work and I agreed. Since then he has created some fantastic drawings of me. I can’t post them here as they are mainly of my previous Sinful Sunday entries.

However, this one is not.

Muse for a Moment

Muse for a Moment
Muse for a Moment

I was his muse for a moment. He has other women bloggers to immortalise now ;-)

Not only can this man draw he is a fabulous writter too. Check out his blog.

The original can be found in my gallery. There are some others that were taken during the same session that you can check out here.

If you want sinners then kiss the lips below…

Sinful Sunday muse


31 thoughts on “Muse for the Moment on Sinful Sunday

  1. I too have used you as my muse for my artistic endeavours. They’re mostlly collages I’ve made of your photos. I print them out and add speech bubbles, and have you say things like “Oh Nero, I want you so bad” and “Oh yeah, you like that don’t you, you naughty boy” plus some even more explicit things if I’ve stuck your head onto some women from the pages from Hustler. That sounds creepier than it is, so fret not they’re all very ‘artistic’.
    Naturally none of them have yet reached a standard that makes them worthy of sharing with any one else but its a work in progress and once they do I’ll be sure to share them!

  2. That’s a really beautiful drawing and actually make my fingers itch to start drawing again too.
    Oh, and I believe Quill has one of my images lined up for a drawing. I’m so excited to see it!

    Rebel xox

  3. Lovely work! But also a great model/muse. Well done both of you. You’ll have to wait till I come over for my Homage. But clearly Quill and I both find you delightfully drawable!
    Indie xx

  4. You can totally post for them for Sinful Sunday. Just because the original photo was already shared you can still post the drawing as it is new original piece. Also people often post the same image again because they have edited it in a different way and that is totally cool too.


  5. O May! O Quill – what a combination of beauty and bondage – you look so proud in your captivity, almost bursting off the page (those straining nipples are exquisite!) You surely are an inspiring muse my friend xx

    1. He has drawn quite a few of me – I will do another ordinary post featuring them as they are just fab – but many were images of the photos used here on SS – so i thought i should not really post them for the same meme 😉 glad u like it

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