Loving the Navel on Sinful Sunday

Loving the Navel on Sinful Sunday

The prompt really stumped me. I have lots of photos that perhaps didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. They get discarded because  there maybe a similar one that is simply better.

So you wouldn’t really see them as an outtake. I found a rather good blurred photo but  really wanted to try harder. Then I remembered we recently set up the camera and took a series of shots of both of us. My intention is to make a kind of story board with them.  The story starts with

may more story start

and then moves on.

What we had hoped to achieve was an image where it looks like I am being strongly encouraged to suck his cock. But he was just not tall enough, or because I was tied I just could not get my head low enough. So it looks as if I am licking his navel! Either that or my man has an extremely long cock! Not very erotic.

outtake loving the navel
Loving the navel

We eventually changed the angle of the chair and got the shot we wanted. But that is for another day 😉


Sinful Sunday outtake loving the navel
#421 Outtake


A similar set up in this image, but I did manage to get his cock in my mouth on that occasion.

25 thoughts on “Loving the Navel on Sinful Sunday

  1. The shot is great and very erotic. You are seeing flaws that aren’t there. The human brain uses ‘fuzzy logic’ and will ‘correct’ the flaws. So we see you bound and forced to suck your Masters cock. Sure, he may be standing a little high but -yes- we just assume he has a long dick. It’s not like you’re up at his chest with your head down – at that point logic would prevail and we’d think ‘that’s nit right’.

    So… relax, it’s a hot pic!

  2. A whole new meaning to navel gazing *laughs.

    I can see what you were attempting but I think you’re right, the tie is working a little too well.

  3. there is so much narrative captured here! I love it. Also – that fat thick rope is soooooo lovely!

  4. Oh…this is a fab narrative, despite the logistical issues, but I think that adds something too, although can’t wait to see the intended vision! The rough rope and ‘strong encouragement’ here is still very unfff inducing!

  5. Like the others I find the image very hot, though I can see that the intended action was not possible. I love the way you filthy mind works mate!
    Indie xx

  6. I look forward to seeing the shot where you mastered this because this one is so good in its own right although it does look like he is trying to force you down and it’s just not happening which made me chuckle


  7. What is not erotic in the eye of of the creator may often be very erotic in the eye of the beholder, and this is ever so erotic since it allows us voyeurs to make up our own scenario. Beautiful, dear lady x

  8. I love the idea of a planned storyboard- even if not everything works out! Might have to pinch that idea… 😉 and your image is great. I love how strong your arms look with that amazing thick rope and his fist in your hair is just making my knees go wobbly.

  9. It still is an erotic image, despite that it didn’t convey what you really wanted 😉

    Rebel xox

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