Loving the Nipple on Sinful Sunday and SoSS

Loving the Nipple on Sinful Sunday and SoSS

This shot was taken about a month ago.  I was undecided as to when I would publish it. Then last week there was such a wave of nipple shots on the wonderful February Photofest that I thought now was as good a time as any.

Many bloggers have been putting in so much effort to posting an image a day for the Febphotofest2018.  With this in mind I have included a sharing post of other great nipples that I have been fortunate to come across this last week or so.

Here is mine – then please carry on reading for the SoSS links to many other wonderful images.

Sharing the nipple for SoSS – Click on their name to see the photo.

  • Mrs Scarlet is displaying her glorious nipple in in black and white.
  • Sassy Cats‘  is being nipped in this extremely close shot with a fabulous edit.
  • The Other Liv posted a fabulous image. Light appears to be radiating out from her nipple.
  • Kayla Lords is holding her breast and we can see the skins contrasting shades.
  • Helen Scott has her hair tumbling onto her breast just above her nipple.
  • Brigit Delaney is focusing on her areola too.
  • Molly Moore has created such great lighting resulting in a very sensual shot.

If I have missed your nipple shot and you want to link it please post it in the comments…

For Sinful Sunday Sinners Kiss the lips below

Sinful Sunday

24 thoughts on “Loving the Nipple on Sinful Sunday and SoSS

  1. This looks like it was taken on the beach in the middle of summer – quite refreshing in the middle of a long winter! The focus in this shot is fantastic; I love the sparkle of the sunshine in the background and how it lights up your breast.

  2. I love this image. Sexy photo of course, lovely curves! But also the composition, the framing, the pale blue and (the ocean in the background?) the bokeh effect with light glistening in the background. Very nice. 🙂 x

  3. This is a beautiful picture. My nipples show the signs of three years of breastfeeding so I am not sure I would have the confidence to post them but yours looks fantastic.

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