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Outdoor Wood for #SinfulSunday

We all love a bit of outdoor wood 😉 – and I give you just that, in full blown colour or black and white…

Love the way the light is shining along my body

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21 thoughts on “Outdoor Wood for #SinfulSunday”

  1. The warmth and varying textures are showcased perfectly in the color image….makes me want to come closer, and reach out and touch your beautiful skin.

    1. My man took this one – but i am very proud as I made the SS prompt week roundup for the first time with two shots that I took! yay 😉

      1. I saw that, I can’t believe it was your first time, your shots are always sexy and fab. You took those? I’m impressed, no, I’m in awe. Oh, btw, your little Tarot Shot is the bomb, I would love a copy sans cards. 🙂

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