Panties Going Up or Down

Panties ~ The angle of a shot really can really make a difference to an image.

Am I pulling my panties up or down?

Panties – up or down?

Sometimes I don’t even wear any knickers!

Last Week ~ This shot was my clear favourite – it is simply HOT

Check out this weeks images below…



22 thoughts on “Panties Going Up or Down”

  1. I mean… this is a sex blog, they have to be coming down, right? Right? I love the erotic pose and the light from the window in the background. Kind of as if you’re doing something secret that isn’t usually revealed to the world, unless you’re lucky and a part of this sex blogging community, hehe

  2. It’s a little bit hard to focus on your pants to be honest because your boobs are rather distracting :p how does Mr More get anything done! 😉 Gorgeous photo May x

  3. I knew from the sexy swing of the hip this was you May – always such confidence in your pose. Lovely conumdrum … I am guessing down.

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