Passion’s Trance on Sinful Sunday

Passion’s Trance on Sinful Sunday

Winter Blues ~ remembering summers glow

When passion’s trance is overpast,
If tenderness and truth could last,
Or live, whilst all wild feelings keep
Some mortal slumber, dark and deep,
I should not weep, I should not weep! ~ PB Shelley

After the slumber of the year
The woodland violets reappear;
All things revive in field or grove,
And sky and sea, but two, which move
And form all others, life and love. ~ PB Shelley


Kiss the Sinful lips

Passion’s trance #354

20 thoughts on “Passion’s Trance on Sinful Sunday

  1. I have to agree with the others, great choice of poetry and very evocative and lyrical image May. I must do some back shots!

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