Patience on Sinful Sunday

Patience on Sinful Sunday

Those of you who have followed me for some time will know I am a fan of D.H. Lawrence. Both his fiction and his poems.

This poem called to me. There is something about the words that fit with the photo below. I do hope you enjoy both…


Patience, little Heart.
One day a heavy, June-hot woman
Will enter and shut the door to stay.

And when your stifling heart would summon
Cool, lonely night, her roused breasts will keep the night at bay,
Sitting in your room like two tiger-lilies
Flaming on after sunset,
Destroying the cool, lonely night with the glow of their hot twilight;
There in the morning, still, while the fierce strange scent comes yet
Stronger, hot and red; till you thirst for the daffodillies
With an anguished, husky thirst that you cannot assuage,
When the daffodillies are dead, and a woman of the dog-days holds you in gage.
Patience, little Heart.

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22 thoughts on “Patience on Sinful Sunday

  1. This is wonderful. DH Lawrence is not a poet who I reach for but I really loved this. I wonder if I have moved on since I last read much of his poetry as a lot of the imagery here spoke to me too. As for your picture, it spoke to me as well. I love the contrasts and the suggestion and mystery it holds. Definitely a story there ?

  2. Patience is certainly a virtue isn’t it . . . one I should aspire to more I’m often told!

    Can I say I love love your hat (again) . . . and the, intriguing, combination of your white and then dark gloves and boots !!!

    Xxx – K

  3. I definitely like both! You are right, the poem and the image go together very well 🙂

    Rebel xox

    1. I agree that’s what made me choose it – Warmer days, yes, but as I am away this shot was taken only last week – was playing around for next weeks prompt of white x

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