Pendant on Sinful Sunday

Pendant on Sinful Sunday

Pendant ~ I really like the lighting in this shot.

My regular readers will recognise a past Sinful Sunday shot of mine on the computer screen in this shot.

The pendant is at least 100 years old, it belonged to my Gran’s family.

Pendant on Sinful Sunday


Sinful Sunday
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24 thoughts on “Pendant on Sinful Sunday

  1. I honestly had to search for the pendant, because my eyes were fixated on your boobs. Magnificent! And the pendant too. But I love the corset more. And the light on your flesh is fantastic – such a marvelous skin tone you (or your man) have captured there.

  2. Wonderful composition May – the shadows are dramatic and inky, your earlier image in the background glows with it’s summery light and the corset (gives me all sorts of lingerie envy) makes you look fierce, as does your stance. Stunning.

  3. The winter provides the opportunity for some great lighting doesn’t it? Roll on the summer and warm days by a pool though!

  4. love having such wonderful memories
    i rock my grandchildren in the same rocking chair my Grandmother rocked both me and my Dad

  5. I love this. I really like the lighting like you say and I also like the contrast between the dark older style of the pendant and the bright modern symbolism of the computer screen. It makes me wonder what the rest of the story is ?

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