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Pool Life for Sinful Sunday

Pool Life ~ I love to swim.  When my body is moving in the water I feel incredibly free and liberated.

Pool Life – Being in water provides a freedom of mind and body

Sinful Sunday – where it’s all about the image

33 thoughts on “Pool Life for Sinful Sunday”

  1. A glorious image May. (I imagine this wasn’t taken at the local lido.)The effects of the sunlight on the water give the photo a wonderful dream-like quality. You look splendid and have caused quite a few ripples of excitement down here in the shallow end. CPxx

    1. You do make me laugh out loud at times CP – work commitments came with our own outdoor pool and the weather goods gave the sun 😉 xx

  2. That does look like a very professional photo! In the best possible way!

    Beautifully captured moment, the ripples, the light on your skin, that glorious arse.

    I’m freezing here in my mountains, but that raised the temperature considerably.

    Beautiful photo!

  3. Love everything about your image this week, so inviting in this heat too! The colours, the refracted light through the rippled water, the composition with the shadow centre left… beautiful image. 🙂 x

    1. afraid I was just the model but I was aware of my position and also where the light was for the photo 😉 x

  4. We’re going to the pool this week but since it’s public and the kids will be with us, I’ll have to miss out on naked swimming but from this angle, it looks WONDERFUL. 🙂

  5. The composition of this is glorious!!! Your shadow, the shimmering waves, your perfectly-shaped bum… every detail is amazing. x

    1. Thank you 😉 The patterns of light were amazing – I have another photo where the light on the water and in turn on my skin creates some great patterns – will publish that another time

  6. Wow May – when I saw this being tweeted by Nero I thought it was one of the professional pics he likes to post! You look such a babe and yet it is quite subtly sexy too! Well done you (and your Man for capturing this)!

  7. Loving this photo. Catching the light on the water and your bright glowing flesh is a delightful way.
    Missy x

  8. A very sexy photo May – you do have great legs and a great butt. I went for my first swim on a nude beach last week but did not look anywhere near as good as this! 🙂

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