Mine for Me on Sinful Sunday Red

Mine for Me

Over the mountain and under the sea
They’ll never be another one like mine for me

Some lyrics from a song written by Paul McCartney for Rod Stewart in 1974. You can watch Rod sing this here if you want too. He is also wearing a very red suit.

My man plays the guitar every day so his fingers and hands are very strong. I do like a man with nice hands 😉

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Sinners unite and Kiss the lips below

Week #347

33 thoughts on “Mine for Me on Sinful Sunday Red”

  1. Only just came across this post May – I love a guitar player! Your man definitely gets his ‘dangerous’ sexy edge from this! Lucky you! (worth the wait)

  2. I love the careful and stylish edit on these photos – you’ve picked the perfect colour and composition for these lovely words.

    1. Thank you, though I didn’t really engage in too much editing – bit of cropping here and there. Th blurred one was a happy accident 😉

    1. yeah- it was true for me 😉 will be writing about in near future on my other neglected blog (about me 20 yrs ago) – as its at that time i first met him xx

  3. I absolutely love these photos as I am incredibly into watching guys play guitar because… clever sexy fingers… Also just genuinely beautiful red-toned photographs. x

    1. ah in theory but in practice he serenades himself – but he does write and sing me a birthday song each year – always a new one too 😉 x

  4. There really is something about a man that can play a musical instrument! Maybe it’s like you said, how talented their hands must be lol! Great idea for Sinful Sunday and I especially love the first blurred image, amazing!
    Aurora x

  5. Ah! A red “flannie”, a guitar and musicians hands (you know my thoughts on the latter) what a great combination. Maybe with a glass of red?

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