Reflections of you and me

Reflections of you and me ~ The photo below has been cropped slightly but not edited at all.

There is much to see in the image if you have a keen eye.

Reflections of you and me

Last week on Sinful Sunday I loved this image

Food Matters Meme

Please take time to check out the first part of my new meme – Food Matters. It starts on Tuesday. The first part is a week long and is all about problems surrounding food.

Kiss the lips below to find other Sinful Sinners…


31 thoughts on “Reflections of you and me”

  1. My eyes are not what they were but with the aid of my spectacles I see a beautiful woman and her equally beautiful reflection. It is a wonderfully erotic and highly sensuous vision. xx

  2. “There is much to see in the image if you have a keen eye.”
    Indeed! A lovely picture filled with little delightful details.

  3. Brilliant picture. May we see a similar one in the future where you are gazing into a storefront window from a sidewalk? Just a thought, but this is awesome as is. xoxo

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