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Shine a light for #SinfulSunday

This image accidentally fell into my lap yesterday.

I was looking for a photo to illustrate an article about the power exchange in my relationship and found this shot. I know I have used others from this session – from a few years ago. But I checked my blog and even though variations on this photo have been published this precise one has not. So here it is.

The lighting here IMO is gorgeous. The effect was achieved by positioning candles to shine a light on me from one side.

This particular rope can been seen in many other photos and here looks quite dramatic.

But my favourite thing about this image is the shadows on my skin, from the rope and my lingerie.

Shine a light for sinful Sunday


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36 thoughts on “Shine a light for #SinfulSunday”

  1. This is just gorgeous. The way that the light plays on the rope and the suggestion of what is or might happen makes it perfect 🙂

  2. That is a gorgeous image May! There is so much to love about it. Thank you for the link to my image last week too x

  3. This light in this is glorious. It has been a while since I played with candle light but you have reminded me that I should try it again because it does give such interesting light and creates such beautiful shadows


  4. Its all about what you cant see I think. What I like to think is that you are in a sex dungeon, tied up, with only candlelight to see. Who knows what treats await you. I’m enticed ☺

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