slats and slits wooded boards

Slats and Slits for Sinful Sunday

It is August Prompt week on Sinful Sunday.

And the prompt from Molly is –

GET DOWN LOW – When I say get down low I mean the camera not you, although you might decide to join it down there or not.

I decided to join the camera 😉

Slats and Slits

Slats and slits ~ This has a voyeuristic appeal

Don’t you just love the patterns in the wood?

I was lucky enough to be in the Sinful Sunday roundup last week with a blooming sexy shot.

But overall all it was this image that really caught my eye.

Kiss the sinners lips below for this weeks SS images.



I am also trying to blog most days through August along with Violet and lots of other lovely sex bloggers. Why not join us?

Aug 3rd Sinful Sunday


32 thoughts on “Slats and Slits for Sinful Sunday”

  1. I thought I had commented on this picture before, but I went to have a look at it one more time and was struck again by its cleverness and its sheer sexiness!

  2. I love this very much, the texture of the wood is so beautiful and then the view beyond has been peering past that to see what I am missing


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