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Slow Start for #SinfulSunday

I have a few days off and was having a slow start this morning as the light shone through the window.

I thought I’d take a quick shot for Sinful Sunday. This is a mirror selfie. There is a scarf hanging over the mirror which adds to the different shades in this shot.

I did quite a few edits – only with the colour – and couldn’t really pick between them so created this. It’s a quadtych I think…

Once I had added it to this post I decided the header is in fact my favourite of the set. But I quite like this vintage type effort too.

Last Week

To be honest on a personal front I do not think I can do better than my Sinful Sunday shot from last week.

This was my favourite of all the  images from that week.


#441 Mirror Selfie – Slow Start


17 thoughts on “Slow Start for #SinfulSunday”

  1. Your body is just wow, woman! I love the second edit the most, the one where the purple is the brightest! Beautiful!

  2. Yep I am with you on that, there is something about the tones in the header shot that just feels sensual oh and I have added quadtych to the list of potential monthly prompts


  3. I was wondering about the colour change, thought we were looking in through a window with a curtain – yeah the scarf adds interest but your relaxed pose is striking in its simplicity.
    In the block of 4 I like bottom left best, then top right. Agreed, your image from last week is tough to beat though!

  4. I like seeing the four together and the scarf effect works really well. The images have a real dreamy feel to them. Very sexy ?

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