Spanked Arse on the Moors for Sinful Sunday

Spanked Arse on the Moors for Sinful Sunday

So after my very manly guest post last week my own Sinful Sunday story continues.

When we took these photos I did not intend to be telling the tale of my man and me, but as I have gone through the images they seem to depict the steps of our relationship perfectly.

Before we were formerly together we had discussed what we wanted sexually from our relationship. We both had issues with ex partners because our sexual needs had not been met.  Which meant that very early on we got down to some good old fashioned bondage.

I love being spanked, particularly on my arse, and being outside just adds to the excitement.

This photo shows the perfect place for spanking and not to mention some tree hugging 😉

Spanked Arse – Moss Four – Click Photo to Enlarge

Kiss the lips for some more sexy sinners

Sinful Sunday

34 thoughts on “Spanked Arse on the Moors for Sinful Sunday

  1. Your photo used as a prompt on Kayla’s Masturbation Monday section inspired my blog and my first story. Thanks to both of you.

  2. I really enjoy this series of images of you and this one is especially beautiful 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. I love the way it’s almost incidental you being in the pic, Like a sexily subtle part of the scenery. It gave me a chill in this weather though!

    Candy xx

    1. was a lovely sunny sept day when it was taken – my man says he put me in that position because its all about the golden mean – some sort of photography term – so he tells me 😉

  4. The photo of this glade gladdens me beyond measure. Nature in all her glory. A perfect bottom ripe for spanking. And wellingtons! Or welligogs as I called them when younger. CP x

  5. Nice to see you sharing the love with your man and the tree. Also gotta love a bit of clever multi-tasking! Love what you’ve done (?) to the photo, the colours are amazing, and you look fabulous wellies and all (We call them gumboots in Australia).
    Indie xx

  6. Such a great photo and it has inspired me to write some erotic fiction. Since that will take me a month I suggest Kayla Lords use it as a prompt for Masturbation Monday so you can get some quicker responses. It would be interesting to see what different erotic writers can come up with using the same image.

    1. I know – how glamorous am I ? But you do need wellies in the woods, the fact I wear them in the bedroom is another matter ;-)x

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