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Strong Hands on Sinful Sunday

When I saw the months prompt was macro I decided to get a grip of my man’s cannon camera.

I got him to give me a few lessons on how it worked.

Once I had a little confidence I took these shots. A musician needs strong hands and my mans are just great.

For the lighting I lit some candles in the background and in the edit I have emphasised the clarity so you can even see the tiny hairs on his fingers.

Not sure if they are “macro” enough but I am quite proud of them as usually any images I have taken of me or him for Sinful Sunday are on my phone. I really like how powerful the cannon is.

Strong Hands are needed to play the guitar ~  on Sinful Sunday

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29 thoughts on “Strong Hands on Sinful Sunday”

  1. Wonderful images May! I also love a man’s hands and you’ve been really successful in capturing their beauty and strength in a sensual way.

  2. Bravo May! These are fantastic! I love a strong pair hands too and you highlighted your favourite hands so beautifully. Can I also send well done and thank you’s to your love mister for getting involved too 🙂

    1. Thanks Floss he does let me take some now and then – the Daily blow was the most sexual, he took that, but he would not let me post any really intimate shots of him- u know the kind 😉 x

  3. Yes hands do it for me too! And these are great images May, you can see the strength and intensity in his fingers, well done you!
    Indie xx

  4. Oh wonderful pics. I like the colouring on them. And yes, hands are the first thing i check out on a man (aside from their face, which is kinda obvious).

  5. Wonderful set up and editing!! Men’s hands can be soooo sexy. I almost posted a pics of Mr Minx’s hands this week, but chose to save it for future posting. You did an amazing job with this image!!

  6. I adore hands – in fact I had considered doing a close-up on the hands I love, all 4 of them! These are some very sensual images.

  7. Looks like you got to grips with the camera straight away! These images are fantastic. It also makes me melt a bit how love makes you appreciate things in your partner others might not even notice.
    Aurora x

  8. Absolutely, definitely a macro shot and I love it…. I find men’s hands and fingers are one of the areas of them that I always check out and are inherently sexy especially when wrapped round their, I mean, a instrument 😉

    A little camera tip which you can take or leave, if you wanted to reduce the grain in the image slightly then up the ISO on your camera. If you have it on auto set it to manual and change the number so it is higher, too higher and it will make the image too flat but for this maybe 500 might have given you a slightly cleaner image. However grain can be cool sometimes and add to an image so it id definitely something to play around with


    1. Thanks Molly will check that out as I really like the effect of these and would love to experiment further x

  9. I adore these images. His hands are mesmerising. I bet it is amazing to watch him play. I love watching people, especially men doing things with their hands.

    1. I do adore watching and listening to him play – before we were together i loved the guitar – almost waiting to hear him play x

  10. So my favorite photo is the header for this post. I love strong hands and the way his fingers are shaped makes one thing of being touched by those hands

    1. Ah i could not decide – I like the blurred candlelight etc in the others but his thumb in the top shot is very striking x

  11. Nothing sexier than strong hands IMO – they make the mind wander off on a tangent of all the wonderful things they are capable of. Awesome idea for prompt, May x

  12. I think you have done really well with these images. The warm glow of the candles really adds to it.

    Rebel xox

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