Sunlight & Shadow for Sinful Sunday

Sunlight & Shadow for Sinful Sunday

Sunlight and Shadow – As my regular readers know I am a D H Lawrence fan.

Felt these lines, from his poem Blue, fit with the second of my pool shots.

Feeling myself undawning, the day’s light playing upon me,
I who am substance of shadow…

Love the sunlight playing on the water and the shadow it creates on me

Have a look at my first pool shot πŸ˜‰ – or click the lips for other sinful images…

Sinful Sunday sunlight
#381 Sunlight and Shadows in the pool

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20 thoughts on “Sunlight & Shadow for Sinful Sunday

  1. I concur with the other comments – light and shade are what makes for a great pic, but it”s the addition of the water element that makes it special!

  2. So gorgeous! I love the bright blue, your placement in the image and the visible ripples of water. This is a really fantastic shot and I love the edit!
    Aurora x

  3. I love the combination and contrast of shadow and sunshine here… one cannot exist without the other! I also love the word “undawning” in the DH Lawrence quote (you’ve inspired me to check out his poetry!)… but my favorite thing is how your arm looks as though it’s on fire because of the ripples and reflections in the water.

  4. What a unique composition!

    There’s a surrealistic quality to this photo that’s difficult to pin down what we’re actually seeing at first. The water ripples look a bit melty, the darkest part of the shadow like a separate entity…

    And then the eyes adjust.

    Nicely done.

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