Sweet Lips ~ A Taste of Honey ~ On Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sweet Lips

Sweet Lips ~ I took this photo myself when experimenting for last weeks prompt. There is one golden drop of honey sticking to my top lip, waiting to be licked off.

My man sometimes likes me to put on this red lipstick whilst sucking his cock. In fact, sometimes this red lipstick is all I am wearing.

sweet lips
Sinful Sunday Sweet Lips

Now kiss these lovely lips for images of more sinners

Sinful Sunday Sweet lips
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24 thoughts on “Sweet Lips ~ A Taste of Honey ~ On Sinful Sunday

  1. Such a lovely mouth. And very sweetly dramatic colour!

    Kissing fellatio: I bet that lipstick would get everywhere!

    Wonderful picture!

  2. Ooh – I love the idea of putting just a drop of something somewhere on your body and telling a partner either to come and get it or come and find it. What a sweet treat for both your honey and us!

  3. Such a shiny little drop to focus on. And I’m sure he’s not complaining when that is all you are wearing

  4. Lipstick and a smile… outfit complete! 😉 I should learn to read the photo captions, because we both thought the honey droplet was some kind of complex lip piercing. I like the photo and the lipstick choice is perfect. 🙂 x

  5. Oh yes . . . very red and very luscious.
    And I was wondering about that droplet . . . wondering if it was “honey” of another kind!!!
    Xxx – K

  6. I too get the red lipstick request ? beautiful shot, that honey droplet is too perfect!

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