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Target on #SinfulSunday

Introducing Life Matters ~ Resource Meme.

The original of this edited image was used a few months ago on Sinful Sunday.

Target Life Matters

My man and I have been doing a little bit of branding around an upcoming solo meme project of mine. The badge will incorporate the image above.  I’d really like you to get involved. Let me briefly explain.

Last summer I discovered something that knocked me for six. Searching for information I realised a couple of sex bloggers – Missy and Violet G – had posts on their blogs that supported me in my time of need. I was very grateful for their work and it got me thinking.

My target or aim with the Life Matters meme is to provide a place to store helpful information/resource on a subject. By linking up your posts – old & new – others may benefit from your experience, knowledge or know how.

Molly has been kind enough to let me mention it on Sinful Sunday. But check out the Life Matters page for the prompts dates and details.

There will be more than one topic. The first will run for a month, starting on the 21st January, and is all about food.

Last Weeks Images were all amazing. This one was really cool.

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24 thoughts on “Target on #SinfulSunday”

  1. Great image May – very spy thriller! I can’t wait to join in with this meme. I dont often write fact-y posts, but if I can help with resource material, I will as I know a sexy/kinky rival to Wiki pages would be so cool and useful.

  2. This is a brilliant ideal May and I am really excited to see how you take it forward. This image is fab and also thank you for the mention ?

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