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Wellies, Hat, Bra & Culvert for #SinfulSunday

Lots to see in my Day 15 February Photofest and Sinful Sunday image.

And I do have my wellies on which will please a couple of my Twitter friends 😉

A lovely bright sunny January afternoon.


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24 thoughts on “Wellies, Hat, Bra & Culvert for #SinfulSunday”

  1. You are the queen of this kind of pose. I love it and love that you take the opportunity for great photos when you can.

  2. You just seem so much in your element in this picture, as if it’s something you do on a daily basis – and looking confident and sexy! Also love the hat. I know everyone will say the wellies but I like the hat

  3. This picture just looks so very you May, the wellingtons, the hat, the outdoor clothes but the brilliant laced bra underneath. Such a sexy combination


  4. Loving this look May. You are always so sexily casual and you do wear your wellies so well. Never a response from Hunter either – boo. They don’t know what they are missing out on.

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