Wet Play At Home or Away ~ On Sinful Sunday

Wet Play At Home or Away ~ On Sinful Sunday

This weeks Sinful Sunday is being sponsored by the Sheets of San Francesco. They make products such as throws which are fluid proof. You are guaranteed to enjoy wet play anywhere – at home or away. With this in mind October 2017 prompt is fluids.

What a great prompt – and my man and I had so much fun creating the necessary wet play environment for a photo. I don’t think we have laughed so much together for ages.

Wet Play

wet play



Kiss the lips
Sinful Sunday

35 thoughts on “Wet Play At Home or Away ~ On Sinful Sunday

  1. Amazing set-up! Hard work to get that moment just right. And it is just right!

    I’m a vote for the colour, though I love both of them.

    Great images!

  2. Holy shit – this is SO sexy!!! The slightly parted lips and arched back make me go “ungh” – really beautifully done.

  3. I completely understand why you posted both images, they are awesome, but in different ways. I often can’t choose between two very different images myself… I’d have to say I slightly prefer the color image, somehow the splash of red from your lipstick draws my eye… Great show!

  4. Each version has its own appeal. Normally i go for the B&w version of something but there is something about the color one that is so joyful.

  5. Leaning back on your arms, which are beautifully positioned, makes for a very sexually provocative pose. The fun of the water being poured down and splashing off you chest is exhilarating. The erect nipple and your smile hint that there is more serious frolicking to come.

  6. Sexy images! I am having a hard time choosing a favorite between the color and black & white. When I first saw the black & white I thought you were on a beach. The color one says otherwise. Its amazing how different the two are. I hope I get to dabble in outdoor photography someday.

  7. Am new to your blog. Lovely pictures adore how your mouth is slightly open and we can just about see the top of your thigh. Sexy photos, thanks for posting them.

  8. Gorgeously playful sexy shot, beautifully composed; you look like you are having so much fun!
    For me its the b & w, but I get what Aurora means…

    1. Yeah, there were a couple of takes of the water being poured and when the camera had already taken the shot he just carried on pouring – over my face! That’s before I go into the honey shots!

  9. I absolutely love this – can’t decide between colour or mono. The angle of the hat, the colour of the lips, the perky nipple, the sassy “come on, then, all over me” position of the body.

  10. Love the monochrome filter. Reminds me of a Diet Coca Cola advert for some reason ?
    The nipple peeking through your top is highly arousing too ?

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