Wheel of Photography on Sinful Sunday

The May prompt challenge I received from the Wheel of Photography was Triptych and Frames. 

At first, I thought I would have to spin again – but felt that was a little bit like cheating. Molly explained what a Triptych was, and I read about it further online, becoming very excited by the idea of three shots making up one image – all being linked in some way.

Another reason I warmed to the idea of creating a Triptych is because they are often displayed in churches. I have a love/hate relationship with religion.

An opportunity arose to take some photos outside where there was a large, ornate mirror. This worked very well as the Frame part of my challenge.

Once the photos were on my computer I had great fun and learned quite a bit from editing them into the following Triptych – deciding to go with the more traditional style where the middle panel is the largest and is flanked by two slimmer images.

Upon  reflection, I very much enjoyed the Wheel of Photography Challenge. 😉 and would like to see my Triptych hung in a church!

Wheel of Photography – Triptych and Frames

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Now why not kiss the lips and see what others made of the May prompt

May Prompt #369

32 thoughts on “Wheel of Photography on Sinful Sunday”

  1. This is so clever – I love the different textures of the three images pulled together by your amazing breasts!

  2. What a great trio of photos! You chose well. I like them all as they each have something special in them. Your personal photographer in the first, your reflection (& the photographer again I think) & the very interesting mirror or window in the background of the third one. Nicely done.

  3. What a wonderful set of images, I can’t even pick a favourite. So glad you stuck with it, the end result was definitely worth it. X

  4. Oh how lucky we all are to have not only one but three sexy images of you! Great execution of your prompt ?

    Rebel xox

  5. Very clever May – but I think you have excelled yourself with this challenge, the warped images from the mirror, your edits and of course your subject matter, all fabulous.

  6. Superbly well done May. Your modern triptych is a joy to behold. There is so much in the images with all those interesting reflections. Of course the main feature is you and you look astounding. CPxx

  7. Oh Wow! This is beautiful! I really don’t think you could have created anything better for your prompts. I had never heard of a triptych, so I have learnt something new as well.
    Aurora x

  8. I would love to see it in a church too. I am really glad you stuck with it and enjoyed the process. I think the result is magnificent and I love that the photographer is in some of them


  9. That middle photo with the reflection is ace! I love the coloring in all of them and how you use the frame and reflections differently in each. Any church would be lucky to be graced with these.

  10. Wow May this is brilliant. There is so much to see in the overall images and each part is gorgeous in its own right. I agree with you that your challenge was a hard one but you have nailed it. missy x

  11. I have always admired the form of your breasts and their wonderful shape. And the gorgeous nipples are just icing on the cake… great pictures May.

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