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Wood Shed on Sinful Sunday

Wood is a wonderful thing. It comes from trees which are even more amazing. And I also love the aroma of a wood shed.

Wood can be burned for warmth. Not only that wood makes a fabulous backdrop for a naked photo shoot. I adore the unique colours and textures found in a pile of logs. Don’t you?

Amongst the wood…

Here is my favourite Sinful Sunday image from last week.

33 thoughts on “Wood Shed on Sinful Sunday”

  1. Such a lovely contrast between your skin and the wood.
    I love it…?makes you want to reach out and touch it!

  2. oh this is lovely! You’re positively glowing in beautiful contrast to the wood pile. It’s an interesting setting and one that evokes the feeling of a story.

  3. The light is this is beautiful, you positively glow and the pose shows of the sensual curves of your bottom and waist


  4. Such a great pose! Lovely bum, and well, I can think of other “wood” That would intrigue me just as much, but the texture of the logs in the background really makes this shot absolutely stunning!

  5. Such a well composed picture. I am envious of you having the services of a talented photographer but the model is rather special x

  6. The glow on your skin really accentuates you lovely shape and the contrast of colour and texture works really well. A great shot 🙂

  7. Yes, I thought you were going to be spanked, too.

    I mean, what else are woodsheds for?

    In any case, those are fantastic pics, lovely curves and lines.

    Quite spankable, really. (I don’t know any higher compliment!)

  8. Great photo. I totally thought you were about to be spanked. But my mind is frequently on being spanked. Regardless, I love the line of your back and your bum

  9. Awesome pictures May – and each edit offers something different. I thought I detected a few goosebumps in the b/w one, while the curve you offer and the glow of the golden light in the colour one is delightful. Great shots as ever.

    1. It was taken after I had been sitting on the grass so there are still slight marks of that on my bum that can be seen more in the BW shot x

  10. Sweet Jesus, May, that pic is to die for. The colour, tone and glow of your smooth skin against the coarseness and dullness of the wood is amazing. The angle draws the eye in and down to the, ahem, end. I’ll be in my bunk.

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