Back to Front for #SinfulSunday

Back to Front for #SinfulSunday

Just messing around taking selfies – with some fabulous tights and a leather jacket – so you can see my back and front …

The biker jacket is vintage and about as heavy as an actual bike to be honest.

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back to front
Back to Front or Front to Back
Last Weeks Sinful Sunday

I was back in the dark ages last weekend without any wi-fi so didn’t link up to Sinful Sunday  but this image was my favourite – you can not deny it’s brilliance in many different ways.

This time last year I was wearing a different jacket for Sinful Sunday.

Kiss the lips below for other great photos…

Sinful Sunday


30 thoughts on “Back to Front for #SinfulSunday

  1. Love those tights you have on there. Always nice seeing different style tights on women. Just wish more women wore them here in the states!

  2. I thought I’d commented already but I see I haven’t? Let me repeat…

    You look as HotAF !!

    I won’t repeat the rest, since that might’ve been why my previous comment was deleted? (if it was) 🙂

  3. WOW. The combination of the items in this outfit works so well. You look stunning May and I love all three things. Great flip from back to front too ?

    1. Totally agree! May you look stunning here – you’ve really struck a feisty attitude which suits you and the way you’ve accessorised with the biker boots and jacket. Deliciously decadent x

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