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Hand on Hip for #SinfulSunday

Sorry if you are a subscriber and receiving a second email from me in one day. I got a little confused and thought prompt week was next week so was going to use my #LIFE  photo for Sinful Sunday. I expect I need one of those planners everyone is talking about 😉

So this is my second post in one day! I try and avoid doing that. Have never done it. But it is unavoidable as I have already taken my prompt images so simply can’t miss out. And I have another post scheduled for tomorrow. Anyhow, I am sure you really don’t need to know about my dis-organisational skills…

Only the white image has been edited. The other two are the originals except cropped a little.

Sinful Sunday prompt week ~ The letter H

H is for Hand on Hip

Last Week on Sinful Sunday ~ Last week this was my favourite Sinful Sunday image…

Kiss the lips for more H themed images.

#451 Hand on Hip

32 thoughts on “Hand on Hip for #SinfulSunday”

  1. I love the inclusion of the sideshow to show the positive and negative images, both are fab and I love the teasing and playful nature of this shot, you have a beautiful bottom!

  2. The hand on hip is nice, but quite frankly it’s the ass that does it for me. Arse, as you Brits say. To be even more frank:
    I’d like you to use both your hands to hike that hemline so I can grab your butt myself and massage you in what would be an increasingly vigorous manner. But since I can’t do that, maybe your man could do that on my behalf? And yes, I fully expect him to do what happens next.

    yours vicariously,

  3. Such a sexy photo of your fabulous bottom May. Gorgeous shadows and soft tones give a warm and satisfying feel to the image. The pose reminds me of the famous Tennis Girl poster from the 70s. xx

  4. Oh May – I’m sure your devotees are delighted to have a double dose of your delectable derriere!
    I love the way the lighting enhances the shadows which accentuate your curves. Bonus for me – the glimpse of gothic window in the background.

  5. I LOVE the lighting in this picture. It’s very eye catching and creates such a nice atmosphere and makes the picture all the more erotic. It also matches the black clothing really well and I love the positioning of the hand and the lifted piece of clothing – Also hand on hip is clever!

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