Why should we call ourselves sinners? ~ Sinners Part 1

Warning – if you are a devout Christian,  you might not want to read this fictional tale, because it may contain concepts that will offend your beliefs. Sinners prevail! Updated Decemeber 6th 2018

Updated and re-worked for Masturbation Monday. Cousin Pons has written a twin story from the priest’s POV!




Sinners ~ Part One

I glanced up during my conversation with Gill – you were looking right at me again. Your hair falling over your left eye. Lifting your hand you swept it aside and smiled. Grinning directly at me. I didn’t dare smile back – surely you would tell me off, after all, we were meant to be concentrating on a psalm we’d been given to read. But you were gorgeous

– young

– a priest.

The Catholic youth club retreat ended and we all piled into the minibus to go home. In bed that night I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Your eyes, your smile… your cock. I knew that sexual relationships were forbidden to Catholic priests.  Of course, you must wank – your hand feeling for your cock in the dead of the night. Stroking, then firmly jerking the skin forward and back. With this thought in my mind, I put my own hand down the front of my pyjama bottoms and felt for my clitoris. Rubbing slowing and gently at first, but then the thought of you shooting your load into the bed sheets made me speed up my caress. Soon my hips swung forward and I got the release I needed.

My boyfriend was at the retreat too. He would have been so jealous if he knew you were looking at me, more so if he found out I was thinking of you while masturbating. He fucked me last night in the back of his car. Same as usual hard, fast and quick – in case anyone came down the lane and found us. I’m on the pill but we used a condom to save cleaning up the mess. Am seventeen and lost my virginity to him about 6 months ago. Did you see in my eyes that I am not pure anymore? Is that why you singled me out to receive your smile?

The next morning, you were the first thing that entered my mind. I couldn’t believe my luck when during assembly Sister Celia announced that anyone considering a life as a nun was to come to her office at lunchtime, as a special workshop would be held at the priory in the Easter break.

There were only three of us out of the whole sixth form. I have to say Sister Celia looked at me suspiciously,

“Christina, are you sure you are in the right place? You do understand this workshop is for those with a serious calling?”

I replied, “Oh yes Sister, my calling came last night.” In my head I visualised you touching your cock as I climaxed before I fell asleep.

I counted down those days until I saw you. Twenty became ten, each crossed out on my calendar. Then the greatly anticipated date arrived – the day I would see your smile again.

I yawned my way through nearly a whole day of church services and tutorials about philosophy until it was your turn. You had the job of telling us what it was like dedicating your life to god.

I watched your mouth move as you talked, very aware that your eyes moved back to me at every possible chance. Each time you glanced over I felt my cunt contract and the surrounding lips getting wetter and wetter, dampening my panties.

At the end of the day, you invited any of us with questions to stay behind, looking over at me. I raised my hand and said I had some questions regarding celibacy. I waited while the others left the room.

Finally, it was just the two of us alone. I was nervous and you could tell. We sat opposite each other, you in your floor-length black cassock, me in my school kilt and blouse. Reaching in the desk you took out some communion wine and poured us a measure each. I noticed your glass was slightly cracked on one side and as you handed me mine our fingers brushed making my stomach lurch.

We talked and laughed and you said I could tell you anything. I asked about celibacy and how a priest or nun managed to abstain. You said it was a hard decision to make and one you found very difficult.

It was then you asked if I had ever had sex. I told you I had but was relatively inexperienced. I think because of that you felt I was mature, capable of reasoning and understanding. You told me you loved your vocation but every day it was becoming harder to deny your sexual needs. You were a man who loved to touch, to feel, to take in smells and tastes and had one sexual encounter before being ordained. It played on your mind continually. Keeping you awake at night, leading you to sweat and turn and yes, literally toss.

We sipped our wine. I was feeling a little overwhelmed at your confessions but also flattered you were turning to me.  Getting quite passionate in your speech you leaned forward putting your hand on my knee. I immediately reacted and opened my legs slightly. The scent of my cunt reached the air, we both smelled it.

Sitting in front of me you said my name – the tone rang in the air, I looked at you with wide eyes, as if trapped in a headlight. As you smiled you lifted your hand and touched my mouth. Such a pretty mouth – you sang – that’s how it sounded to me – like music.

With one hand still touching my lips, you reached under your cassock with the other. I didn’t dare look. I stared straight back into your eyes.

Your pupils were dilated and your focus seemed distracted from me. I looked down. Your hand was encompassing your cock – your perfectly formed and sized cock.

Looking back into your stern gaze you answered my questioning eyes with one word.

“Kneel”, you implored.

I leaned forward and my knees touched the red carpeted floor. Without encouragement, you put your hand behind my head and pressed it down towards your cock.

The tip of your knob was there in my eye line, I involuntarily clenched my cunt as you let out a moan and nudged my head nearer. If I was going to stop this, now was the time, but my bottom lip had found its place, resting on your blood-swollen, shiny knob, dressed with pre-cum. I didn’t need any more assistance.

My mouth engulfed your penis. You were not quiet in your delight muttering the words,

“Good girl.”

I relaxed my throat and let you push up so your cock was submersed  in my mouth completely. You held my hair and thrust my head up and down as I face fucked your organ. I pulled back, mouth splattering, eyes watering and looked up into yours. You said,

“Do it for Jesus.”



Glancing over your shoulder I could see a crucifix, and asked you if what we were doing was a sin.

You replied, “Why should we call ourselves sinners? This is a joyous gift you are giving me,”

To obscure my vision from the holy artefacts you pulled your cassock up and over me, so I became encased in a tent of darkness. Lightly stroking your balls whilst my tongue circled your circumference. I ran my fingertips gently up and down the length of you, put pressure on your shaft and slowly began tugging your skin back and forth – increasing friction as your cock became more engorged. Your joy was auditory, and all at once you loudly spurted your load over my face and hand, with some drops falling back onto your splendidly sculpted stomach and thighs.

You pulled the cassock up and I was free to breath. Looking at me you touched the spunk on my face and then produced a hanky from your pocket. All the while searching my face you wiped it away saying,

“You filthy girl.”

Pointing to the soiled area on your body you then ordered me to, “lick up the mess you have made Christina, clean me with your tongue.”

I did, conscious of my own juices soaking my knickers, yearning for your touch.

Once I had finished you said, “That’s all for today but I would like you to come next week for some further lessons in the scriptures.”

I thought to myself – yes I think it is my turn to come next week.

You stroked my hair and showed me the door.

Next day at school Sister called me to her office and asked if I thought the life of a nun was for me.

“It will suit me perfectly” I replied, remembering the slightly bitter salty taste of your cum on my lips.

The book I am reading is – The Go Between by L.P Hartley and the line I have chosen to create this fictional story around is on page 69.

Why should we call ourselves sinners?

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32 thoughts on “Why should we call ourselves sinners? ~ Sinners Part 1”

  1. I do believe I remember reading the original. One of the meetings, her mother appears? Or am I thinking of another piece? Regardless, I enjoyed this story. As a backslid Christian, I do have a very complicated relationship with it. Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy good erotica when I see it.

  2. This is deliciously taboo and Molly’s mention of the Thornbirds made me remember it is something I have thought of for a long time too. Rome is the place for sexy young priests with good tans and nice sunglasses so I pictured one of them. I enjoyed this ?

  3. Do it for Jesus! Have you heard of the Flirty Fishers? Apparently now called The Family International but they basically preach a sexual relationship with Jesus and back in the 70’s female members of the church were encouraged to recruit new members by fucking them.


    Ps… and I don’t need to tell you that I love this story right? Religion, priests, slightly precocious girls and you got me!

    1. Yeah – i don’t recall reading about them specifically but I think there were a few cults around at that time – and I know u love this tale 😉 x

  4. Fuck this was hot. Blasphemy is one of our favorite kinks, so I very, very much enjoyed this story and am looking forward to reading more of your church stories. ?

  5. Sexy stuff May! I haven’t particularly got a priest fetish, but I’m rethinking that after reading this, lol 🙂

  6. I’m happy to say I’m no longer the practicing Christian I once professed to be…though I alone knew what a lie I was living. This story is at the very heart of us being hidden souls…
    A most delicious gift was given by both and I dare say thoroughly enjoyed by both. I like how he hid her so she couldn’t see that which might have made her leery to continue “Doing it for Jesus”. This is a classic. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. May this is cleverly crafted, it walks the fine line between seedy (from him) and exciting (for her) – illicit from every aspect but nonetheless exciting. On point with current media revelations the abuse of power and the blatant disregard for vows and ethics. Using ‘Jesus as his wingman’ as Nero terms it just highlights what a corrupt individual this priest is, and Christina (having her own agenda) is blind to it, drawn like a moth to a flame. Fabulous work May!

    1. Really glad you felt a little uncomfortable – the line Elliot pointed out was the pivot the story stood upon. She felt she had been chosen x

  8. Oddly I found the ‘do it for Jesus’ line a huge turn on. In fact I found the whole story a huge turn on, the corruption, the wickedness, the defiling of religion, damn it makes me hot. I can never decide if my teenage viewing and reading of The Thorn Birds inspired this love or if I had it already the Thorn Birds just tapped into it


  9. I found this story highly erotic. The sexual arousal of young Christina was a joy as was her giving a blow job under the cassock. Not being encumbered with religiosity I am not shocked in the this story. Just turned on. CP x

  10. I’m impressed, you illustrated the line you lifted from L. P. Hartley with a tale of a girl and a man of influence, a transgressor, taking advantage of her youthful fantasies. Forbidden sex stories are always fun to read and I found you descriptions arousing and not overdone, May. But, your story goes beyond that and addresses a theme, featuring boys and girls, that is ages old and certainly very much in the news today with a different elite group. But, getting back to the title of the story, who’s to say? Is the girl in love, most likely not, is the priest in love or just tying another knot in his cincture, most likely? Would just masturbating have been okay, some say that is sinning. (if so, I’m definitely going to Hell) Not hard to tell what most will think, but what about them, at this stage of her story what they did was wrong, but was it sin?

    The thing, for me, that made his actions sinful was giving her wine to drink. And not even good wine, I was an alter boy, I know. He knew what he was doing.

    This line stood out for me, and really is telling… Is that why you singled me out to receive your smile?

    1. Thanks, Elliot – I did mean that the very current theme you mention should run through it. I wanted some blurred lines. And yes masturbating was/is seen as a sin? Not sure what the rules are now 😉 & thanks for noticing that line

  11. “Do it for Jesus”

    What a depraved priest! He knows better than to take the Lord’s name in vain, and he certainly knows better than to use Jesus as his wingman. He is right about one thing though: you are a filthy girl. You should have run away as soon as he pulled his cock out.

    That’s a hot story May but you should definitely call yourselves sinners. Because you both seem to meet the definition according to the last Bible I read!! ??

    1. Ah Nero maybe you should have read the warning at the top! I was brought up a Catholic and went to all night vigils at convents and priories. I met a lot of young priests, to be fair not yet ordained but I base this tale on a friend of mine who had a near miss with a gorgeous young trainee priest. And TBH i do not have any evidence to say priests do/would know better. And lets get a grip this is fiction!

  12. I have been brought up religiously but I have always, even back in my days in the church, been intrigued by stories that happen in a church or with priests and nuns…
    Love your story!

    Rebel xox

  13. Hot and nicely controversial! There is something about a young man in a cassock…
    Indie x

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