For the Sins of Red Part Five ~ Reunited

For the Sins of Red Part Five ~ Reunited

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Rosie – known as Red – was recently abducted by her ex boyfriend, Clive. He released her unharmed, but shocked. The police inform Rosie that Clive is also wanted for murdering four red headed women.

A psychologist chats to Rosie about Clive’s early days. He was found abandoned as a baby outside the local library. As he grows up his love of books kept him returning so it is no surprise when he leaves school and gets a job at the same library.

At 18 Rosie moved in with him. They were close although sex was sparse. Rosie was very gregarious and Clive became a little obsessed about her. One day he lashed out thinking she’d slept with her boss. At that moment she knew she would have to leave him.

The police – who are investigating Rosie’s recent abduction and the murders – call her in for questioning.

The series is written from Rosie’s point of view.

All episodes can be found here…  Now on to Reunited.

Reunited ~ Part Five

Once I had finished spewing on the police interview room floor Wilkins suggested I go and clean up in the bathroom.

I was grateful to have a moment alone without the Inspector’s eyes boring into me as if he could see my very soul. After sloshing water over my face I stared in the mirror for ages, wondering why the questioning had made me feel so guilty. Maybe because I lied about the relationship with my old boss, Jack? But he had been such a good friend to me at that time, it felt like I was repaying him by keeping quiet about what turned out to be just a one night stand.


A few days after Clive had hit me I did a moonlight flit – well – to be fair it was in the daytime when he was working at the library. Jack sorted out a small flat over one of the Weatherspoons in our area, came with a van to pick me up and I became physically free of Clive. That is the only phrase I can use to describe my condition because within a week of leaving I was distraught and found it difficult to function. I missed Clive terribly.

Remember, we had been long term friends before he became my first love. After all, there are plenty of people who -for many reasons- don’t have the best sex life on earth but still care deeply for each other. Clive had done wrong by hitting me but even that act of violence couldn’t erase so many strong memories of all the things we’d shared.

The pain of being without him was intense. An ache in my chest and and constant buzzing in my head. That’s the only way I can explain it.

Because my job with the company meant I moved around to different pubs within the area Clive would struggle to find me. I left it a fortnight but was desperate to hear his voice, so I rang him.

He sounded relieved, saying he understood that by hitting me he’d broken the trust and that was why I’d left. Without thinking I told him where I was living and he came over that very evening.

When I opened the door we fell into each others arms. I inhaled, taking in his smell. The aroma that was almost as much a part of me as my own scent. I became giddy with anticipation and forgot why I’d left him.

Within moments we had stripped and were on the bed. Without saying a word Clive grabbed my tights and used them to tie my hands to the frame above my head. Just for a second I was concerned but then my cunt pulsed at the prospect of what might happen next – and it wasn’t disappointed.

Whispering “you’re mine,” – without any foreplay – Clive rammed me with his cock. He looked like a man possessed as he ferociously pumped my cunt. Claiming me with each frantic thrust. My tits danced around as he ground my hips into the mattress. I couldn’t move.This was fucking. He was putting love to one-side and carnally taking what he wanted. Filling my hole deep and fast, as if his life depended on it.

I felt vital. Alive. Finally I give in to a fierce orgasm before he pulled out and literally sprayed my naked body with his juice before kneeling above me and rubbing the sticky mess into my skin. We immediately began to laugh. He untied me and we showered together. Tenderly soaping each other.

Clive didn’t move in and I didn’t move out but going against Jack’s advice we did become a couple again. I noticed how that reunited fuck had changed him. Don’t get me wrong, we always had to clean up after sex but he was less inhibited. Having seen with his own eyes that I desired to be restrained he stopped hiding the need to possess me.

His obsession with keeping me quiet while he took what he wanted had been there from the start. Like the time I’d told my sister about – when he shoved panties in my mouth before fucking my arse. Now I understood this was part of his kink. Our kink. So we bought a ball gag. Among other things. And our sex life suddenly became the main dish and not the after-dinner mint that was over too quickly.

Clive became more confident. On occasions he met me from work and for the first time we even began to socialise with other couples. One Saturday I popped into the library to meet him for lunch. Sitting at one of the reference desks was Steph, an old school friend.

If Clive hadn’t been busy with a customer we would have left immediately for the cafe. But he was in the middle of helping an elderly lady find a Ruth Rendall novel.

If it had been a week day Steph would not have been there. But it was the weekend.

If I had the ability to see into the future I would have turned on my heel and run out of the library. But I’m far from psychic.

So many ifs and buts have passed across my mind since that day.


I dried my face with some hand towels and left the bathroom. Wondering if I was going to have to explain to the Inspector just how kinky Clive and I became all those years ago. Knowing he would leer across his desk at me. And would he -sooner or later- realise the connection with Steph?

Erotic Fiction – Tied
Reunited – Library Drama

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  1. Well done May – as well as fleshing it out, you saved the best twists til last. I’m hooked in for next time.

  2. Oh May, you can’t leave me hanging like this. I want to read on. You have built so much suspense in those last couple of sentences, and so much sexy into her flashback. Love this!
    ~ Marie xox

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