For the Sins of Red Part Four ~ Interview Room

For the Sins of Red Part Four ~ Interview Room

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Synopsis ~ Rosie, also known as Red, was recently abducted by her ex Clive(from 9 years previous). After events we are not aware of yet he released her unharmed, but shocked. The police inform Rosie that Clive is wanted for murdering four red headed women.

A psychologist chats to Rosie about Clive’s early days. He had a difficult start in life and Rosie was his only friend. At 18 she moved in with him. They were close at first although sex was sparse. Rosie was very gregarious and Clive became a little obsessed about her. One day he lashed out thinking she’d slept with her boss. At that moment she knew she would have to leave him.

Now the police call her in for an interview…

PART FOUR ~ Interview Room

The door bell rang at exactly 9.30. It was the lady officer I had seen through my window earlier that morning. She grinned while observing me over the top of small round spectacles. I wondered why she seemed so jolly. After all I was shortly to be questioned about an apparently insane serial killer. Not a smiling matter.

When I entered the interview room it was clear that Detective Inspector Giovanni was in a far more somber mood. He was a severe looking guy of about forty five who for some reason reminded me of the waiter at the Pizza restaurant in the high street. Perhaps they were related. I was nervous so my mind was racing all over the place in a bid to stop myself reverting to an anxious, giggling teenager. I can assure you I had never set foot inside an police interview room before and I felt like a character in a crime novel.

Shortly after I arrived we were joined by Sergeant Wilkins. I was happy to see a face I recognised.

“Miss Redmond. We wanna try and create a profile of this Clive Burke and we think yer can help us.” To my surprise the DI had a slight cockney accent not an Italian one. “We’ve read through the report from yesterday.” He glances over at Wilkins. “Sergeant?”

Wilkins produced the report and coughed. “Em, Miss. Are you happy with the details you gave our psychologist.” He coughed again.

I nodded.

“Em, it would be a great help to us if you could explain why it was your relationship with Mr Burke ended. I appreciate it was nine years ago but I wondered if perhaps you might have seen him again since, before, em, the recent incident where he abducted you.” Wilkins cleared his throat, lent over the table, poured a glass of water and drank it down. I hoped that would help him.

Carefully, so as not to miss anything, I explained what happened the day my boss, Jack, had dropped me home after which Clive hit me. The memory was still clear in my mind…

Once I’d got over the shock of being punched I told Clive straight away that Jack and I were just friends. Almost immediately he was on his knees next to me begging for forgiveness. He loved me so and could not bear the thought that someone like Jack may have laid their filthy hands on me. Repeatedly saying how precious I was to him. That night in bed he spooned me but I hardly slept.

“You mention Jack. That, I assume, is Mr Jack Barker. And in your opinion Clive Burke had no reason to think you were cheating on him? I take it you were not, in fact, ‘aving sexual relations with Mr Barker?” asked the D.I., staring directly into my eyes.

“No, he was was my boss. We were mates. That was all. Clive got it wrong.”

I shook my head to reinforce my statement but all I could see in my minds eye was the image of Jack hitching up my skirt, lifting me on to the wooden kitchen table, removing my panties and giving me the most wonderful head I’d ever experienced. But that didn’t happen before Clive hit me. So I wasn’t lying to the police. Was I? Telling them all that would only have complicated matters. I’m sure.

“Let me get this clear. You are stating yer never had sexual relations with mister Jack Barker?”

The DI stared at me, sitting perfectly still, waiting for an answer.

At this point I realised I couldn’t go back on what I’d said. It would have sounded suspicious. I’m sure Jack wouldn’t want his wife to know. It was all such a long time ago. Plus, it happened the day after Clive hit me. He was out working so I’d called Jack. My eye was beginning to bruise and I thought it best if I didn’t work that night. When he heard he was fuming with Clive and came straight over. I started crying. He starting kissing my tears away. The next thing I knew his tongue was inside my cunt. And I can tell you I roared as loud as I could when I came. Having to always keep so quiet with Clive, I felt liberated.

Jack gave to me that day and even though I could see his cock straining against his trousers he let it be all about me. Not him. I never even got to touch him. It was a spur of the moment thing and seemed beyond my control…

Both police officers were poised, staring, waiting for me to speak. There was nothing for it. To avoid their gaze I looked down at my hands and said, “No. Jack was married, with a couple of kids. He was just my boss, we worked together and were friends.”

I felt my face turning the same colour as my hair.

“What about your sex life with Mr Burke? Was there ever anything…em… out of the ordinary?” Wilkins managed to probe without coughing. I was relieved to be getting off the subject of Jack.

“Well…now I’m a bit older I realise it wasn’t that great. He had some… some odd ways.” I mentioned a few of the things I had told my sister, noticing that now my mouth was getting dry. I was feeling hot too.

“Are you also attracted to women, Miss Redmond?”

“Pardon?” I gulped, blushing once more.

“It seems a little odd that a fit, young, heterosexual girl such as yourself was not having sex much at home or outside your relationship.” Giovanni seemed to enjoy focusing on the lack of my sex life and without waiting for a reply the barrage continued. “And the recent abduction? You’re the only one who has been set free. Bit strange, innit? Four women dead and yet you escape without so much as a mark on yer. Out of character I’d say. Why exactly do you think that was, Miss Redmond? Why did Mr Burke let you go?”

I could feel the sweat building up on my forehead and the back of my neck, when Wilkins interrupted him.

“Em, are you OK Miss? You look rather strange. Let me get you a drink of water.”

The DI looked at the clock and spoke into the tape player. “The interview with Miss Rose Redmond was paused for a break at 11.15 a.m.”

Looking at the recording device the severity of the whole situation suddenly hit me. Inspector Giovanni was making me feel like a suspect – not a witness. Before Wilkins had time to pass me the glass, I vomited on to the interview room floor.

interview room
Interview room

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  1. You’re doing a great job May, very tense cat and mouse questioning. I think crime is your new ‘jam’ xx

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