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Sixth Sense ~ Things are not always as they seem

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Sixth sense.


Call it what you will.

Things are not always as they seem…

Gut Instinct

Most people who know me would say I’m an intuitive person. I possess an innate gut instinct. I trust it too. Often making decisions on the fly because of my sixth sense.

Of course many don’t believe in such things because like faith it doesn’t involve science. Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of science. But I am also equipped with a brain that is switched on enough to compute that

not all that is real is tangible.

However, even those close to me remain skeptical.

What’s it like to be blessed with this gift? Well, I have to say I feel fortunate. Knowing has often kept me away from people who turned out to be shallow or fake. And then of course there are those days when I simply am certain which way to drive into town, to avoid the traffic. That kind of thing.

Take last week for instance. As I left the house I had a strong feeling that choosing the shortcut could change my fate completely. So naturally I drove the faster, yet longer way round, on the major roads. Content that I had the foresight to trust my instinct once more…

Life is about Choice

And now, taking a moment to assess my life. I can clearly understand how taking the shortcut did indeed change my destiny. After all, choice is paramount.

The bleep-bleep of phone keys interrupts my thoughts as the person I love most concentrates on sending a text. I very much respect my partner’s privacy but noticing their eyes brimming over with tears I think my indiscretion will be forgiven – this time. Discreetly, I take a peep and quickly read the message…

“Hey Sis, I don’t know how to tell you this. I have not yet come to terms with it. James was killed. It happened last week. A dreadful pile up on the A2 in Canterbury. I am heart broken. It is not even a route he normally takes. I’m totally alone. You all living so far away. Call me – love Liz”

My darling Liz leans back her head and sighs as the tears finally escape and cascade down her face. I reach out to comfort her but she simply buttons up her cardigan.

After all seeing is believing. To her I’m not real anymore.

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14 thoughts on “Sixth Sense ~ Things are not always as they seem”

  1. You got me with this one. I think you are right that our mind often takes us where we expect to go. Thank you for the reminder to look, and read, more carefully. Great flash too! 😊

  2. The main thing is not to doubt. Usually the very first thought is the most correct one. If you dismiss it and start trying to comprehend the situation and make a decision different from the first, then as a rule, this leads to an error.

    1. I was trying to mislead the reader – As in – things are not always as they seem and also 6th sense can work against u
      May xx

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