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Sixty Nine Steps

“Well, it was the strangest thing.” I searched the cafe to check that nobody could hear.

“Oh, com’on. I’m all ears,” Freda encouraged. Eyes practically on stalks.

“Okay. Don’t bloody interrupt though. You always butt in.”

“Moi? Lips are sealed,” she grinned.

“Things are bad between me and Mark. First the hoo-ha with my hysterectomy. Then our Emma went off to Uni. We just can’t get back on track. Also, he’s started to… well,  smell. You know? When someone is forgetting to wash, the sweat dries and takes on an odour. He won’t even talk about it. So wrapped up in computer games. Just like a teenager, smelly and self-absorbed.

“Anyway, I’m digressing. After Monday’s aqua-fit I was heading home. Wanted to catch the final Grace and Danger so I…”

“Love that series, did you see the one when h…”

“Freedaaaa.  Shut-up. It’s my story. Listen.”

She pretended to zip her mouth so I continued.

“Like I said, I wanted to see the last episode so took the short-cut up Prospect Way steps.  At that time of night it’s dark and eerie. You really need a torch.  I was holding the rail for guidance when I reached the stone bench on the landing, halfway up. I nearly jumped out of my skin when a man’s voice said softly,

‘Spare me some coins? For a coffee. I’m parched. It’ll keep me warm on the street tonight.’

“I was so shocked I took a quid from my pocket and at that moment he pulled me onto the seat. I could see a shadowy outline of his face. He was thirtyish and smelled fresh, not like you’d expect. A bit like talcum – far better than Mark.

“Then, he whispered,

‘I want you – real bad. Need to have you… Please.’

“For a second the moon came out and we looked each other directly in the eyes. His were pleading, sharp, urgent. As a cloud darkened the sky our lips met. No excuse, the passion in his expression overwhelmed me. My cunt pulsed, dampening.

“The only thing I could do was search for his fly. At the same time he slipped his hands under my jumper and bra, his breathing quickening. Moving me onto his lap, my back to his face, he inched up my skirt. Hastily I shifted the gusset of my knickers aside. With just a little wriggle I found his stiffness and pushed down until he was completely inside me. For a moment we didn’t move. Then, digging his nails into the flesh on my hips he lifted me slightly before we seriously starting fucking.

“Within a few minutes the pleasure was rising through every nerve and just as I collapsed back into his lap his body shook with his climax.

“After, he held me close. Suddenly I heard people approaching.  I Jumped up,  pulled my skirt down and ran up the remainder of the steps, home. And that’s it.”

Freda just stared at me.

“Say something.”

“What talc do’ya think it was? Johnson’s?” She asked.

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Header image by Charlie (sexblogofsorts) for Friday Flash.

26 thoughts on “Sixty Nine Steps”

  1. There’s a clip on the internet where a guest on the Graham Norton Show recounts how she came across a cadet soldier wanking in the woods. Long story short, being an older woman and he a younger man she said she gave him a hand job “because you have to support the troops!”

    That, and your story, makes me feel that English women are very obliging! I shall shower more often from now on…

  2. The last line is so funny, as others have said. Really enjoyed this one … it was just what I was in the mood for this morning, something dirty, a bit taboo, and also guilt free. Aaaah fiction…. does a body good!!

  3. This is fab May, I was really engrossed in her story and loved the last line too, I like Freda! The use of senses really makes it even more real too as we can all imagine that scent. Great writing as always x

    1. Appreciate that Missy – I try and think about how people REALLY speak – in real life – and often it is the dialogue that makes the character come alive x

  4. “Freedaaaa. Shut-up. It’s my story. Listen.”

    This whole snippet is amazing, but that part, in particular, elicited a visceral laugh and near-coffee spit from me (in the best way, of course).

    1. Thanks Jayne – I really got into these girl’s characters – even thou it is just a short dirty story 😉

  5. Whahahaha that last line is brilliant, but damn, such a sexy story! Love it!

    Rebel xox

  6. Plenty of humour in your story too May. Your characters always come alive, even in these short pieces. I was only thinking of the smell of talcum powder the other day. Fresh and clean. Just like your chap on the landing. xx

    1. Talcum is not really in fashion now – they discovered something bad about it, but it does have a distinctive “memory smell” xx

  7. This is a cracked up! It’s like he’s a blip in her story…and now she could just contine prattling on about other things that happened in her day. She’s an interesting character.

    1. thanks for reading Brigit – I think Freda is the interesting one – well she made me laugh when i was writing her lines x

  8. OMG May – I thought my effort was quick and dirty, but yours surpassed it for speed and urgency and I love the ‘smell’ theme.

    Freda made me laugh out loud! Really masterful writing. Hats off to you!

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