Sleepy Sex has many merits

Sleepy Sex has many merits

I really get into a sexy mood quickly if I am sleepy.  It must be because all my muscles are relaxed ready to be stimulated.I have written quite a few posts in the past where sleepy or early morning sex has occurred.

Glorious Awakening

I was in that in-between, sleepy,  place but realised he had pushed my head further down his torso, resting it on the warmness of his stomach. Comfy, I thought, half opening my eyes.

He had his erect cock in hand and was slowly pulling back the foreskin.

I closed my lids with the image imprinted behind them and then felt the sleek softness of his knob caressing my mouth.

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Giving a Good Hand-job

Having just woken the other morning, still sleepy, I turned to lay on his shoulder and pushed my naked body up against his side. He was laying on his back and immediately began caressing my body. I have always had a fascination with his cock. It’s not been like that with previous partners so I revel in my obsession. My hand, very naturally, went down to find it. It was slightly bouncy and the skin along the shaft felt like silk on my palm. I sighed. His fingers came up to the back of my neck and began to touch the sensitive spot just below my hairline.

With my left hand I cupped his balls and squeezed ever so slightly. With my right I began to encircle the end of his not quite erect penis. He moaned in pleasure and pulled me closer. The skin was still covering the end of cock so I just ran my finger tips gently up and down its length. Now his dick was waking up.

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And only the other day my man woke me up it the wee hours by gently stroking my neck and soothing my back before moving down to my thighs, licking one of his fingertips he caressed my clit until I fell into wave after wave of pleasure. Of course, he was rock hard by then so I needed to return the favour, when to be fair, I was ready to fall back into my slumber.

Sexsomnia is not just Sleepy Sex

Then coming across Brigit’s post, I realised that there is something called sexsomnia – and it is not just sleepy intercourse. It is an actual activity that some have a problem with, and I have indeed experienced it.

When my kids father and I got together, initially it was a relationship full of lust. The fact this changed after about a year is neither here nor there as this post is not about that.

Often I would wake in the middle of the night and realise we were having full-blown intercourse. I could never understand how this was initiated or indeed how he came to be inside me.

I didn’t then and do not now feel there was a consent issue. We were behaving like rabbits at the time, copious amounts of vanilla sex. But this sleepy sex often took me by surprise.

We discussed it in daylight and both seemed to be at a loss to how or why it was happening. But what I did know was at times he didn’t seem to wake at all. Yet, I never thought for one moment this was some kind of condition.

Did I like it? Well yes at the time I did. I liked the ease of it and enjoyed falling back to sleep – as I would often orgasm alongside him – I radiated that warm glow one feels after having climaxed.

Primal Attraction

I do find it hard to look back on sex with this man at all as I think I made the completely wrong choice of partner. A primal evolutionary attraction was at work there, as our genes matched well and our daughters are both healthy, gorgeous and reasonably level headed.

So I will leave him there and finish with a bit from a post I wrote regarding wet dreams…

Wet Dreams

One morning after my man had got up; I fell into a light sleep. I began to dream that he and I were naked with another female. She was slim and blond. We were all sitting together on a long sofa with my man in the middle…

He put his right arm around my shoulder, fondling my breast as we began to kiss. His left hand went between my legs and his fingers slipped into my cunt. Now covered in my juices, he began to massage my clitoris. All the while, this other female – who incidentally was a complete stranger – looked on whilst touching herself. Within the dream I thrust my pubic bone against my man’s hand as he continued to caress me. Slowly I began to cum. I felt the orgasm within the wet-dream and it also reached the consciousness of my waking self – in reality I threw my hips in an upward motion to make the most of the orgasm.

I promptly went back down into my dream again and as my climax was ending my man reached for the other woman and pulled her over, placing her hand on my cunt. She began to play with my clitoris whilst looking intently at me. Within a few seconds I found myself cumming again. To my delight I think it happened three times. I woke briefly – smiling- and was so relaxed from the sensation that I fell back to sleep.

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Sleepy sex
Sleepy Sex
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11 thoughts on “Sleepy Sex has many merits

  1. If I may be so bold as to suggest…

    Your wet dream should be fleshed into a standalone piece of erotic fiction. It’s quite a hot concept.

  2. Oh man, I’ve had a few dreams so erotic, I’ve woken in the middle of an orgasm. Those dreams don’t always stick in my mind, but my body seems to remember them. They’re a delight honestly

  3. I also used to have lots of sex dreams at a time when I wasn’t having much sex, there is something wonderful about them. However I do prefer the real thing. Great post xx

  4. Oh yes, sex dreams are the best and I used to often have orgasms that woke me up. It has been a while since that happened though, maybe regular sex has calmed me desire a little bit


    1. Yes I think regular sex did that for me too – that’s why I was really surprised when the multiple thing occurred – i think i must have been very relaxed and maybe had a lot of sleep x

  5. The dream-gasms — yes, I’ve had those too. Somehow, in that not-awake half-state, everything seems very *real* but simultaneously blurred(?), which – for me – works to make me more relaxed but also to wake me up.

    Coming awake is a rare but delightful sensation. 🙂

    1. Yes i do like the “coming awake” and then drifting of – it is not common for me but every so often if i am getting a lot of sleep it happens 😉

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