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The Past Smells of Men.

The ability to smell is an amazing thing.  I have always known it is one of my strongest senses and on occasions, where men are concerned, it has overridden my moral judgement.

Perfumes and Colognes

I believe some perfumes/colognes are laced with artificial pheromones which could be a reason for choosing to wear them. Personally I think there is nothing like the natural odour of a clean guy. Everybody has their own unique scent, which is masked by perfumes. Often it will be sometime before you actually know what a new lover really smells like.

Growing up in the south of the UK everyone seemed to wear perfumes. I got to like certain male colognes more than others and felt very grown up when I found a suitable perfume for myself. In the North, it was a different matter. Many guys living there didn’t seem to feel the need to hide their natural aroma. On two occasions in the past, smells of men have had quite a startling effect on me – no cologne needed.

The smells of men

The first time was when I had just started University. A few weeks into my course I was part of a small group of students who began meeting together to socialise. I knew one of the guys, Nate, had a bit of a crush on me. He was from Newcastle and a couple of years younger. On initial outings, I didn’t particularly find him attractive – although we got on well enough. I actually lived with my boyfriend, Vic. We had practically grown up together and started dating a few years earlier. It was love; I certainly wasn’t intending to cheat on him.

Before the union social one evening, I was in the library finishing an assignment. Suddenly I became aware of a presence behind me, highlighted by an extremely attractive manly smell. I felt hands on my shoulders and my body tingled. Turning I saw Nate standing there in a crisp clean white shirt and faded jeans. I suddenly noticed what an appealing smile he had and how his jeans showed off his taut bum.


That was it – later that evening – as we made out – I told him I would never leave my boyfriend so we should just enjoy the moment. I honestly thought I wouldn’t  take it further than that first night’s kiss and grope. I mean how could I? Wasn’t I in love? The trouble was each time Nate came near me his scent would literally leave me senseless.

Now the fact that my judgment wavered upon smelling him is not as curious as you may think. Going way back in time –

the sense of smell was a defense mechanism that for our own safety would bypass the cerebral cortex.

Meaning you would act on the smell not your reasoning.

It wasn’t long before Nate asked me to spend the night with him. My hormones were already in his bed but I decided to ring my boyfriend and ask him to finish work early that evening so we could spend some time together – he worked nights. He replied it wasn’t possible. I went back to Nate’s room – smelled his smell – and began to undress.

Got a big’n

I was young and gorgeous so it didn’t surprise me that he was already hard as he took his jeans off. The revelation was the size of his erection! My, oh my, I stared at it – mouth gaping – with the knowledge I would have to open really wide to fit it there. It was reminiscent of the cocks in the old style porn movies my mates and I managed to get hold of as teenagers. He was to be my third lover – if I miss out Gino, a one night stand – and was relatively inexperienced, but when he began to insert his huge cock into my cunt I had to gasp. The girth of it was extraordinary. We fucked for a few hours and slept. Waking, we began all over again.

Two down

I arrived back to my flat the next day before my boyfriend. I could smell Nate all over me so promptly bathed and doused myself with my usual perfume. Vic came home and slept, having worked all night. When he rose I couldn’t look him in the face. Nate and I continued fucking each other for a few months. Once the novelty of his smell and large dick had worn off I told him it was over. He followed me around like a lost puppy for quite some time.

It was also over for my boyfriend and me. My actions had ruined it – crushed the innocence of first love. I ended it without an explanation and still loving him. I didn’t have a choice, he deserved better. We remained friends and years later I told him what I had done. He asked me why but knew that youth and hormones had a lot to do with it. It had simply been Nate’s smell, I couldn’t resist it…

The second time the natural, sweet, fresh, smell of a man caught me was about five years later – and it was my man .

Fictional tale where smell features heavily.

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17 thoughts on “The Past Smells of Men.”

  1. This one is kind of heartbreaking in its honesty. Aside from the sexy stuff, that’s my favorite kind of thing to read.

  2. Hmm, although I’m a self-professed nature-loving hippie, I must shame-facedly admit to being an absolute sucker for Terre d’Hermès. I ended up in an 18-month relationship with a total doofus purely because of this scent. 🙁

  3. ooooh scent gets me too! I remember my first love telling him he smelled like “earth”. He wasn’t best pleased, but to me it was the most sensuous smell ever.

  4. Hormones are a bitch sometimes!!! Our sense of smell is so connected to our hormones that the idea that someone would cheat on a partner they loved based on smell wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  5. I’ve never been super aware of smells in that way. It’s never aroused me at least. I do enjoy the smell of things and have had the occasional scent of cologne turn my head, but it isn’t often. I always appreciate your honest retelling of the events in your life, May.

  6. I might have done exactly this, fall for the scent of a man, although I never was as aware of it as you were. There is just something about the smell of people – some you like, some you don’t. All part of the natural pheromones of people 🙂

    Rebel xox

  7. I hate the over use of fragrances. The time I really loath it is at the gym when you are working out and someone next to you has on so much cologne or perfume you can almost taste it. I find it fair more off putting than the natural smell of a person


  8. I love/hate it when Lust trumps Love [as in lust for one person when you love another] – it’s proof that we are just animals really. With basic sexual desires/needs. If only we could act on it without hurting the ones we love.

  9. Wonderful post, and I love your recounting from your University lover . . . perhaps I missed out on not going to University after all !!!

    And you are so right, the smell of a man can be intoxicating!!!

    Xxx – K

  10. I really enjoyed this May. I can understand the power of smell and I love the way you have described the effect it had ?

  11. I spent most of my life in the Midlands, and perfumes and colognes were definitely a thing there. Especially Kourous at that time!

    This is a fabulous piece of writing – I do love your tales of past lovers.

  12. “I went back to Nate’s room – smelled his smell – and began to undress.”

    Unhhhh, I love all of this, but especially everything captured in that line right there.

  13. I so enjoyed this cautionary taIe on the power of scent May. (Yes, and all the hot bits. Girth is such a sexy word). Alas I never found them to attract women as far as I was concerned. Over dousing myself with Aramis was not a girl pleaser. Interestingly I never knew there was a north south divide regarding colognes and aftershaves. I thought men were splashing on Brut all over the country. Well at least Henry Cooper and Kevin Keegan. I adored the line ‘my hormones were already in his bed.’ I think that deserves a prize! xx

    1. Thanks CP – I don’t know if it was a firm divide but it seemed to apply in regards to some guys i met from “up North” 😉 xx

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