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Sniffing knickers, disconnection & survival

I can’t say it has ever been very much in my nature to start a year with a written list of goals or new years resolutions.

But I would often formulate some in my head. My mind is quite an organised place and I am known to have a reasonably good memory. Then, as the year progresses I may write one or two of the practical tasks down. Just to have the pleasure of crossing them through when complete.

However, often there are the goals you want to achieve that are more to do with thought processes and behaviour patterns. These type of things remain in my head and may be fleshed out in a post on my blog. Or by having a chat with those close to me. Of course completing such goals it is far more difficult as how can you know if you have or not?

Blogging Goals

These are the easiest as my real life job has come to an annoying halt. I loved my work too. It kept me healthy, mentally and physically. I do feel a little lost without it. So now I have time to blog to my heart’s content.

  • Sex Matters ~ One of the first things I want to do is continue with For the Sins of Red. I put this series on the back burner while I was busy with other things but I get a constant amount of views and have left it too long already.
  • Life Matters ~ It is on my goal list, in my head 😉 to return to my ad-hoc meme later this month with Money Matters. With the economy in a right ol state it seems a good time to address issues such as living on a budget, saving and such like.
  • Blogable ~ I really want to write more posts for this shared project. We have realised that so many basic concepts to do with blogging and writing are not rally catered for else where and are determined to tackle this during the coming year. As well as launching a blogable project or two.
  • 4thoughts meme ~ I love working with the new bloggers once a month. It is my goal to continue doing this over the year. If you know of an enthusiastic blogger – whose site is less than a year old – who may like to try their hand at hosting a meme for a fortnight and being interviewed as well, then please let me know their details. It is a great way to be promoted.

Behaviour Patterns

I suppose some could be called habits. I drink too much. But you know what? I do not intend to do anything about this. The world is fucked up at the moment and if I want a tipple I’ll have one.

Strange but True ~ sniffing knickers

I do have a very strange habit. Sniffing my knickers. The smell reassures me. It started when I was only 18 and went off to University to do a degree that I hated. I left at the end of the first term and returned to study a different subject, psychology, a few years later. I was a little out of sorts at this time and sometimes would sit in class and by opening my legs slightly I’d receive a whiff of my scent. This may seem very odd but it made me remember who I was and helped me through a dark winter. I continued to do this, or sniffing my knickers, when times were tough. So I have returned to this pastime now and then over the last year. And why not I say. It makes me feel better and causes no harm to anyone.

Adoption ~ The route of my disconnection?

On a more serious note during 2020 I did a lot of deep thinking and realised I have a very irritating tendency of disconnecting. I came to the conclusion the roots of this may be tangled up in the the infant connections, or lack of, from before I had my constant carer, my mum. I have decided to explore this theory in more depth this year. Goodness knows I have the time. And will see what I learn about these issues.

But on the whole this year, well, I am just taking it one day at a time. The present climate is all about surviving. It is a very difficult time to plan too much so I will look at each day as a fresh new start. I like that idea.

I hope 2021 evolves into more than just survival.

Thank you to everyone who supports my blog – I appreciate you…

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18 thoughts on “Sniffing knickers, disconnection & survival”

  1. Maybe that’s why it’s worth writing down these goals, so that later you can understand that they have been achieved and get moral satisfaction from this.

  2. It’s nice to see so many others with a similar habit. If my day has been horrendous I’ll find comfort in my gusset before bed.

    Great Post May, thank you for linking up N x

  3. Great post May. I loved the part about sniffing knickers too. That was quite unexpected but it really lifted me up somehow. Thank you. Missy x

  4. Seeing each day as a fresh start sounds like a good thing to me. Also taking a drink when you want, because like you say, with the state the world is in…
    I like your blogging goals, May. Really looking forward to Money Matters, and like you I have quite some I want to write for Blogable. Damn, I think I need to take a week off from my regular job and just write write write 😉
    ~ Marie xox

  5. I don’t sniff my knickers but that’s probably because I don’t bother to wear them. 😉

    I’m quite familiar with my own scent though, and I second what Swirly said: if something smells off, get checked out!

  6. This was interesting, I know what you mean about the lists and promises to ourselves, it can be counter productive – adding pressure. But sometimes I personally need that pressure – putting something ‘out there’ or in writing means I cant wriggle out – no more procrastinating!

    As for the knicker sniffing – I’m with you all the way! It’s a pleasant habit I began not long after I first touched myself. I like the smell, I agree it’s comforting. As some others have commented, it’s a good early warning system of changes/ abnormalities in my body / my cycle too.

  7. I don’t think your “habit” is weird at all. I have a bad “habit” of changing mine numerous times a day, and sniffing them is not uncommon. lol I’ve never thought of this being a trait or coping mechanism, but will have a bit of thought on it. 🙂

  8. I’m so glad you wrote about gussets. I’ve occassionally been aware of my own scent and wondered if others could. It’s a gauge to my vaginal health as I’ve had medical issues the last few years – I would like to stress to other people, any change in odour or discharge, thats not usual – please arrange to see a medical representative.

    I have a very acute sense of smell if some women stand too close. I’m relieved with social distancing lately.

    On a general point – wishing you every success for your blogging and your support

    Swirly 🧚🏻‍♀️

    1. I have been lucky over the years in vaginal health and my scent has always remained very similar – but u are right to point out a change may need checking out –
      I look forward to you joining in with money matters swirly – i know u often enjoy shopping to a budget and that’s the kind of thing i will be covering x

  9. I’m not much for resolutions, either. I do like to plan, even though I know those plans will likely change 30 times. I gain comfort from plans and lists.

    Interestingly, I’m with you 100% on the knicker sniffing. It’s always been a way to center myself and check my current chemical situation. I can tell when things are off or about to change, simply by my own scent.

    Here’s to a better year, where we can all get back on our feet. I wish you a happy 2021!

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