Social Media Personalities ~ Tribes & Virtuous Vibes

Social Media Personalities ~ Tribes & Virtuous Vibes

I am sure that the way people behave (or the amount of time they spend) on social media has something to do with personality type.

Social Media becomes You

Not only that the things you do personally will gain you a certain type of follower. Swirly mentions you attract your tribe, by your vibe. That is just backing up what I have said. Your vibe is the way you behave, and this will attract others who want to be connected to that kind of vibe. And of course behaviour will have a lot to do with your personality.

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Short and Cautious

I have not had much to do with many different social media platforms. I had a Facebook account in my real name for a short while until people started tagging me in photos and Facebook members who knew me many moons ago came and tried to claim me. If I had not persisted with that friendship back in the day, I could not think of a whole lot of reasons why I should take up with it again. So I closed my Facebook account. But have never felt sure that it is really closed!

I had a short dalliance with Instagram. I have a lot of personal images as May More so started posting them via Instagram. Nothing bad happened but I didn’t really understand the boundaries in that ap and became scared that others would find me who did not yet know me as May More. So I shut that down too.

You could say my time with both Facebook and Instagram was short, and cautious. Which is very different from who I am – tall, and a risk taker!


The social media platform that I have used the most is Twitter. I can see many advantages in the way it operates. Short quick fire notes sent out into the inter-web by a frenzied human race who have come to expect fast stimulation and reactions. Even though I am not really into reactive mediums I can’t say I have not enjoyed some of my time on Twitter. But as in life, many things turn sour.

So, even though Twitter drives me crazy with certain unknown rules and regulations as i say above I kind of like the way it operates. Or I did in the past…

It was an easy place to chat and share, without spending all day doing it. But when it backfired on me I began to think, do certain personalities fair better in such an online social environment? Or perhaps a type of person will frequent such a place more than others. Well, here is what I found.

Specifically, the researchers found that people with high levels of neuroticism, or the tendency to experience negative emotions such as stress and anxiety, were more likely to develop addiction to social media, compared with people who had low levels of neuroticism.

And perhaps my experience with Twitter matches the above.

Twitter story

There I was merrily going about my Twitter business. Being a carer and sharer. Shooting the breeze. But maybe by doing this I had attracted the wrong tribe. If that was the case this was my error and I should have been more careful. I have never been great at choosing people. Mainly because I am an introvert and like my own company so I can actually do without too many folk around me. Because of this others often choose me, and not wanting to rock the boat I just join in. This could be what happened pre first lockdown.

The misdemeanor and consequent fallout, occurred when I posted a tweet and put an apparently triggering quote from the story it was promoting before a necessary content warning. A few people became very stressed and anxious about this very quickly. It really made me wonder how they managed to live a day to day existence without having a panic attack. But that is digressing!

Anyhow, I totally understand we are not all the same. Thank goodness we are individuals, given half the chance. So, I hold my hands up, I did wrong. Just because the quote seemed OK to me I should not have assumed it was for everyone. Very selfish. I should have put the CW at the start of the tweet, not the middle. I am fair and always take my share of responsibility. But I will add, the actual story it was promoting had a massive content warning at the beginning. Big enough for an elephant to read. But I hold my hands up, I was not cautious enough with my tweet.

I immediately apologised openly. But they could smell blood…

and so the treacherous tribes began signalling their virtuous vibes.

A sure way for a small band of people to become larger. That’s exactly what happened. The few people who shouted out in tweets and replies about my negligence, became more. Until they were quite a little crowd. And some “silent leaders” just clicked the likes on the “loud-mouths” tweets. I mean it got so heavy even I found myself a bit flustered and that does no happen often.

Why didn’t the two or three people it had bothered in the first place simply just DM me? I would have deleted the tweet and apologised. But no. They wanted a witch and I am one!  Two became four, became ten, became more…


After that storm calmed slightly another escalated and since then I don’t use Twitter to socialise. I do reply to the odd tweet from people with dogs or cats. Or men in panties. And DM friends, who have proved themselves. But mainly I just use it to promote my various projects and some work of writers I admire. The bad thing was a few people I really liked as bloggers stopped writing. The good thing – I did find my tribe and we choose not to meet on Twitter 😉

I don’t need to associate with neurotic, attention seekers. And I expect they don’t want to associate with me. So they can have their podium. I was only ever visiting…

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12 thoughts on “Social Media Personalities ~ Tribes & Virtuous Vibes

  1. The blog is, of course, easier. But you still have to promote your blog on Twitter or Instagram, or … The audience must somehow be attracted, which you write about in this post with the wording “I did find my tribe.” So there is still some benefit from these networks. Although it is impossible to deny the negative aspects.

  2. Social media feels like a cesspool and I agree I’ve had more meaningful conversations and relationships away from it. Maybe that is just the introvert parts of us that feel this way?

  3. I am new to twitter, just started last fall. I am off all other social media platforms. I don’t get the “trigger warning” people. Are you not an adult? If you see it going somewhere you don’t like just stop reading and move on. In reality, you will never be able to provide enough warnings because people are so damn sensitive nowadays. As far as the need to comment and educate others of their insensitivity, all platforms (including twitter) provide a really cool unsubscribe button. If you really get your nuts in twist, you can even block said insensitive person. Or, you can grow up and realize you are not a special flower and nobody really cares about your triggers. Whatever path is chosen, the flailing comments make you look weak and petty. I don’t know how we got here and really do not see it getting any better. The inmates are now running the prison…

  4. A very interesting “take”.
    It’s fascinating reading how you use all the different platforms for different aspects of your, dare I say it, personality requirements.
    When all is said and done, the show ain’t over until the fat lady sings (a vaudeville/opera quote before the woke oldies decide to pile on 🙄).

    When it stops being fun, educational or informative it’s time to haul arse

    Great post
    Thankyou for joining in 😉😂

    1. Well, how i “did” use the platforms – my time on FB and Instagram together was no longer than 6 mths – Twitter – well i have been a stayer – but the reasons why changed x

  5. I feel the same, I have found my tribe, and chatting away from Twitter is so much more relaxing. I do want to use Twitter a bit more than I have done in the past weeks/months, but my mind is just not in the right place. So, for now I will just remain a visitor, like you 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Many thanks for your comment – I suspect it is possible to be your self – but like I say it may depend on personality – I find it easy to me – here – on my blog 😉

  6. I find Twitter too exhausting. Too much about tribal identity and not about exchange. I also use it mostly to promote posts or write a quick note about photography stuff. I no longer read it (well sometimes 🙂

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