Social Norms, times keep-a-changing’ on TMI Tuesday

Social Norms

social norms

Does your workplace have a “casual Friday” or a day when you can dress down or out of uniform?

I work from home so every day is a casual dress day. I have been known to dress up during the later part of the day – pencil skirt, heels, stockings, black bra and tight white blouse. You get the picture. Pleases my man…

Has the growth of social media and unabashed sharing of personal info on social media made you MORE or LESS cautious about your privacy?

Well, lets get real – I write a sex-blog about ME – how much more personal can you get? I do this incognito though. That’s because I am really quite a private person.

Is gay marriage legal where you live?


Is smoking marijuana legal where you live? Under what circumstances?

It is legal if you have MS- but is made into a spray. This really frustrates me as my man has a condition which could be helped by marijuana but it is not legal for him to use it. The powers that be would rather we pump ourselves full of prescription drugs that fill the drug industry pockets with money. How that can be better for us than harvesting a natural product is beyond me! At the end of the day what is a drug? Coffee? Alcohol? I get a buzz from very strong chillies. We are adults let us choose.

Give us a hashtag that best describes your weekend. Hashtag must be 15 letters or less.


Social Norms Bonus:  Have you ever stalked a celebrity?

Celebrity status doesn’t really impress me – I did follow a UK band all over the country when I was a teenager.- I grew out of the need to adore people I don’t personally know and who do not care what so ever about me.

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