spank me red

Spank me Red

The two shots in this post are actually  different – apart from the edit.

They were taken a few months ago,  one after the other, with a slight movement in between.

Spank me Red

We had been messing about outside and my Man had given my bum a couple of swift hand smacks. My cheeks are very slightly pink.

I kind of forgot about these images until the other evening after I received a wonderful bedtime spanking. And realising  the theme of RED ran through the evening frolics I thought I’d write up the real life story for this weeks Wicked Wednesday.

Spank me Red

“That water was red hot, just how I like it.” I was feeling relaxed after my bath.

“Don’t pull out the plug. I’ll jump in.”

I snuggled up in my favourite red fluffy robe and waited. 

Red Robe

Ten minutes later my man came out of the bathroom a towel wrapped around his middle and started to rub himself dry. His cock peeping through every so often. My eyes darted around hungry to catch each moment of exposure.

“Eager eyes. Bedroom. It’s warmer.” He stated.

I half ran, half skipped and threw myself face-down on the bed. He knew I wanted a spanking. Sometimes I feel almost fragmented and the pain from hard smacks help to centre me.

“Com’on. You can’t hide under that red dressing-gown any longer.”

“But I’m cold.”

“A good spanking will warm you up.”

“Just lift up the bottom bit. You know so you can see my arse.”

There is a long mirror next to our bed and a smaller one on the wall at the foot. As he hitched up the end I looked at the reflection as my bum cheeks took center stage. He caressed the swell and in response I wiggled and lifted my arse waiting in anticipation for the first sting of his hand.

“Don’t watch, bitch.”

I buried my face in the quilt and waited. Counting in my head. Trying not to become tense.


Oh yes. Delightfully sharp. Followed by an equally clipped meeting of palm and bottom on the other cheek.

“Ahhhhh.” I moaned happily. “That’s how I like it. Nice and crisp.”

He grabbed a pillow and shoved it under my hips so my arse was raised nicely without any help from me.

Some more hand-spanks followed until my shrieks became louder.

“You enjoy that?” He inquired.

“Mmm. You hurt me, brute. My bum stings. Is it red?”

“Yep, almost the same colour as that gown of yours.”

I glanced in the mirror at my tinged skin.

“I’m warm now.” Staying in the same spot I shimmied out of the gown.

“Well, I’m hard now.” He positioned him self at the top of the bed so he was in the prime spot for my mouth to to take in his cock.

“Let’s see if you can make my knob the same colour as your arse. Get the red blood cells pumping.”

Holding my face he maneuvered my lips to kiss the tip of his dick before he became acquainted with the inside of my warm, moist mouth.

“Nice and slow. It looks like there are three of you sucking me dry.”

Breathing heavier he glanced in the two mirrors and then down at me.

“I can see your open cunt down there. Your heavy tits to the side and your mouth doing what it is made for. Slut.”

At that moment a warm jet began to squirt in my mouth.

“Don’t you dare stop. There’s more. Take it all down.”

And I did.

I can assure you that after the spanking in the true tale above my bum was a damn sight more rouged than in the photo above.

My man often likes me to apply red lipstick before I suck his cock.

This post – Come Outside – also includes some outdoor shots and some sexy fun with my man.

#380 Spank me Red

38 thoughts on “Spank me Red”

  1. Good Lord May! I love that image, it’s probably one of my favourites of yours. That snippet of your sexy life though? Hot damn! That got my Monday morning off to a fabulous start :p

          1. you know – since it is just you and me I will confess – I have never asked that question of anyone 😉 xx

  2. Great images May, made even more alluring by the saucy spanking incident – I love the way your man got off from the mirror images as well as your ministrations!

  3. You have an amazing bottom May! I must admit that I’m a bit more taken with the red robe and coffee mug though, something about just screams sensual yet realistic.

  4. Oh dearie me, that put a little tingle in my pants! What an absolutely delicious delightful degroovy little story. It was almost like I was in the room watching. Might I suggest the photographer delivers a few more smacks next time once he has you posed? Purely to get the best shot, of course.

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