spanking my eczema into submission...

Spanking my Eczema into Submission

I like being spanked. I suppose that is my main kink. Although my man likes to tie me up too. Not to mention flog me with his belt or one of our handmade whips. That is his kink. Recently I discovered a welcome side effect from a good spanking /flogging.

First let’s look at Kink Vs Fetish.


Apparently a fetish is –

a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body.

It could be said that I have a mild fetish for men in lingerie. I feel horny immediately I see a guys cock packaged within lacy panties. If they are wearing stockings and heels as well the reaction from me is even stronger.

A few years ago my man dressed up in lingerie and stockings for me. You can read about it here. I was in heaven. But he doesn’t have to be dressed like that for me to climax. So maybe not a proper fetish. But is something I enjoy greatly. One of the sites that will be featured on 4thoughts soon is A man called Alice. Just pop over and check out his amazing images. I do, often. His photo is also the header shot for the prompt this week.


I have discussed before how kinky I am and also how I’m not a lifestyle submissive, although it appears some disagree with me ;-). But I admit, that having control taken away helps me relax into enjoying some kinky fun.

This is definitely an important part of life with my man. When we are spending time together getting kinky, down and dirty we get on better mentally too. It’s clear to see that kink helps our relationship.

Spanking and Flogging Benefits

S is for Spanking

What I really want to discuss here is a strange thing I have discovered. Spanking and flogging certainly makes my man feel manly and me feel liberated but recently I became aware there is an added health benefit from having my arse or back tanned. Let me explain.


I suffer from eczema. This is an autoimmune problem.

In the case of autoimmune disorders, the body’s immune system is too active, causing it to attack and damage itself.

I had the condition as a child and have worked at different ways to eat and live over the years to calm it. One thing that makes my skin break out is being around unfamiliar dogs or cats. Their fur is a trigger for my skin. Which is very annoying as I work with animals on a daily basis. It’s funny as once I have been around a particular animal for an amount of time I build up an immunity. But initially I will develop irritated patches of skin. And do you know what seems to give the sore areas some relief from the itching? A good spanking or flogging!

I’m not sure why. I suspect it is down to two things, endorphins and temperature.


Endorphins are basically a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system. They possess a number of physiological functions and can cause an analgesic effect.

It appears that I release endorphins while being spanked/flogged that work on my immune system system in a positive way. After a session my skin appears to be more in harmony for a few days. It is noticeably less irritated and the patches become manageable.


I’ve also worked out that temperature makes a difference to my eczema.  The sun obviously helps. Vitamin D is the life force nutrient. But on occasions when the irritation on my hands feels almost unbearable I run them under a hot tap. Letting the water get hotter and hotter until a person with normal skin would not be able to tolerate the heat. this creates a blood rush along my arms and an exhilarating sensation quivers through my body almost like a climax. After removing my hands from the heat they immediately cool and the itching disappears for several hours. You can image why I became quite addicted to this. But of course if there isn’t any eczema on my hands I don’t get the same rush of adrenaline.

I think this helped as patches of eczema are very warm. As if there is too much blood circulating in the area. Once my hands are removed from the heat they begin to cool rapidly in the air – and are therefore less itchy.


Now those of you who have been following my train of thought will realise there is something else that may be assisting  here – pain. It could be that my immune system becomes focused on the pain from the spanking or the extremely hot water and stops mithering about the eczema.

Anyhow, I don’t know why it happens I just know that spanking not only helps me mentally, but it has physical benefits for me too.

So you could say my kink is spanking my eczema into submission… Bring it on I say!

My Kink is Spanking my Eczema into Submission
Flogging ~ Spanking my Eczema into Submission
S is for Spanking

14 thoughts on “Spanking my Eczema into Submission”

  1. This is really interesting. I have found that the endorphins from impact play can help a migraine too. I thing this 8s becasue is how relaxed I become which gives them a chance to work. Great to find such a thrilling way to treat your eczema though 😊

  2. It’s interesting what things seem to help, right, even though it’s only temporary. There is nothing as bad as an itch, and I will take pain over it any day!
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Sometimes a temp interruption is great as I can tend to the skin in other ways – like using coconut oil in the bath – and keep the irritation t bay longer

  3. What a discovery! Wouldn’t it be funny if on the list of what helps on the NHS site it would say ‘spanking’.
    You explained it so clearly here. I really enjoyed reading this post

  4. I also have struggled with the itchy burny swollen bleeding hands! 3 weeks ago I began megadoses of vita D as mine was almost depleted and my hands are clear for the first time in years! I also love spanking😘

  5. I don’t know if they do this in the UK, but I’ve recently become aware of UVB light therapy as a treatment for eczema. I have a client who uses this form of therapy and the results are really amazing.

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