The Spanking Zone ~ A short story

The Spanking Zone ~ A short story

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Fiction ~ A short, heated story… Welcome to the Spanking Zone.

The Spanking Zone

As I left the office my phone pinged. Him. I opened the message trying to ignore the loud thumping of my heart. My eardrums vibrating from the immediate blood rush.

Pink knickers. Black bra.7 Pm


Just under two hours to prepare. Breathing deeply I managed to regain some composure. But arriving home I found I’d walked the mile back to my flat in record time. That was to be expected as I’d not heard from Him for nearly two weeks.

Almost on autopilot I ran myself a bath, pouring in oil of juniper, his favourite. Eat half a sandwich. My stomach was knotted in anticipation. And then lay back in the hot scented water with a glass of white Rioja. The idea was to relax. He hated it when I was on edge. Saying it affected the texture of my skin.

At quarter to seven I selected some pink panties with lace around the edges and a black satin bra. Resisting the temptation to look out the window I put the front door on the latch and went and stood by the table, waiting.

Dead on time I heard the catch of the door lift. My breasts began to sharply rise and fall as my breathing became shallow.

No words were spoken. He came up behind me placing a blindfold eye mask in position. The tips of his fingers gliding over the warm flesh of my cleavage before one digit was pushed roughly into my mouth, and at the same time he wrenched my head back towards him. Breath warm on my neck, whispering, “Perfect knickers. Good girl. You know what to do next.”

Quickly I lay forward on to the table, the cool wood chilling my stomach.

Pulling the pantie fabric into my arse and cunt crack he wasted no time in landing the first delicious spank on my right butt cheek. Then waited. I knew what he wanted.

“More please.” I almost whimpered and could feel my desire leaking onto my gusset.

The spanks came in quick succession. Ten. Getting harder and crisper with each thwack. My mind retreated into the spanking zone. The place where I feel free, unburdened and at peace.

Then he paused. Yanking my knickers down completely so they came to rest around my ankles before beginning the thigh spanks. I knew my bum and loins were now almost as pink as the panties and smiled at the thought, relishing the euphoria I always witnessed at this point. I was totally relaxed when without any hesitation he sunk his cock deep into my cunt. His hips momentarily fastened to my fleshy bum cheeks, radiating with heat, before he began to fuck me in earnest. Hard, filling me up. The tops of my legs digging into the edge of the table. My body sliding forward slightly with each thrust as I held tightly to the wooden edges. Being used. His pleasure not mine. Every so often a slap would land on my back before finally he dug his nails deep into my hips and nosily took his release.

He slumped forward onto me. All was still, except both of us were panting slightly. Our bodies moving in unison.

“Good girl.” He whispered. “Don’t move until I’ve gone. I’ll leave the money in the same place as usual, on the side board.”

spanking Zone

pink knickers spanking zone

Spanking zone
The spanking Zone

23 thoughts on “The Spanking Zone ~ A short story

  1. Oh May! You sure know how to make anyone say Mmm. Between the visual of having panties pushed into her crack nd cunt, and the imagining of the audible smacks mixed with your sultry picture, how could anyone not say Mmm? Love it!

  2. This was very earthy- the language evoked emotion and sensation so – as a reader – I was right there with you, sprawled on the cold table surface.
    You’re great at these punchy ones & your image is like the cherry on a cake- bravo.

  3. Oh you. The ending. You always get me. Great story and such a cute image too. I smiled at the part about desire leaking into your gusset. missy x

  4. I took “His pleasure, not mine” to mean she got pleasure but it was secondary to his. Her pleasure came from serving him, his needs. And I loved the casual addition of “I’ll leave the money on the sideboard” at the end. Nothing adds to the humiliation/sense of ownership than leaving a few pounds as you go…

    1. Yes the line pons picked up on too had a double side to it. I love writing lines like that. There she was – still blindfolded, laying on the table, his jizz dripping out of her cunt, and he takes his leave leaving cash on the sideboard – good scene I think lol

  5. I love your pink panties, and what happens to you when you’re wearing them… this is a fantasy I can very much identify with! Elk x

  6. A very enjoyable short sexy story May. The line that I loved was, ” He hated it when I was on edge. Saying it affected the texture of my skin.” That gave a great insight into the man’s character. Along of course with “Pink knickers. Black bra.” He’s a man who likes things, just so. And just when we think she might be enjoying the sex, you undercut it with “His pleasure, not mine.” and the truth is revealed. xx

    1. thanks CP – yes i liked that line too – I do enjoy making a character by uncovering little personality traits along the way – as do you 😉

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