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Squealed ~ A Love Story

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See my ring?

Thrilled I was.

She gave it to me, green eyes shining,  and said, “I love you, wear my ring?”

Pam was all I ever wanted and I’d been dreaming of such a moment for a few months and yeah, in case you were wondering, it was romantic. Not only that, but the ring fitted perfectly. I put it on and she squealed with delight, jumping up and down.

“I have one the same.” she boasted slipping it on her finger. “That means you’re mine now,” Pam whispered dreamily.

I smiled thinking that she was bound to be up for sex that night. I was right. Horny as hell. We fucked in the living room first. She squealed. Once in the bedroom I spread her legs and rammed her, over and over. As I shot my Jizz inside her cunt she squealed again for good measure.


22 thoughts on “Squealed ~ A Love Story”

  1. I loved it – a bit of white a white witch was she? The dialogue was great and your fella was a very ‘May’ rough diamond.

  2. I loved your story, and found it very whimsical.
    What I didn’t love was your description of this middle aged man watching online porn. It was too real – like you’ve got access to my laptop camera and know what I do!

  3. I was nervous reading. This seriously has the markings of something supernatural and creepy happening. You definitely surprised me there. Nicely done.

    1. Glad u like it. Funny thing is I wrote this first and then went to your blog for a look around and your lady does indeed have red hair! I just must have known 😉

  4. Your characters always have the ring of truth about them May. With a few deft words you create their believable world. I love your bad boys. And this one didn’t come to a sticky end. Well not yet! xx

  5. Oh May! This has your magic with words and character and it’s so fun to see you make a story from my friends’ photo. I love things that are creative and dirty AND romantic and you nailed all of the above.

  6. I love unobtrusive magical realism, and your short story is definitely one of those! In reality, the rings like that are far less tangible and harder to notice, let alone remove.

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