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Straw, Sex & Spanking Story~ Stable Relationship

What can you do to keep your relationship sparky and secure? The stability of my partnership was certainly enhanced when we had the chance to add to our stable relationship  – literally…

A Stable Relationship.

Coming in from the other room, I look around and notice our two guests have disappeared.

“Are we alone?” I ask.

“Yeah, no stamina, they’ve gone for an afternoon nap.”

“How about sex?” I joke.

He leans down and before I realise what’s happening he kisses me. I take a breath.

“Come on then,” he smiles boyishly.

“We can’t right here, they may get up.”

“How about the stable, they won’t find us there?”

I laugh, loving the eager look in his eyes.

I am already heading for the door.

Up in the stable, I support myself against a low wall, straw at my feet. He pushes against me and I can just about draw a breath before his tongue searches for mine. His cock already hard against my thigh.

It is such a thrill  that his desire for me rocks on.

His hands are on my breasts as he fumbles with the buttons on my blouse then  makes light work of my bra. I gasp out loud as his lips take my right nipple in between them while his hands are already beginning to pull my jeans down. I begin to undo his belt and the buttons of his fly.

“Face the wall”, he orders.

I turn and hold on to the top of the wall.  He yanks my jeans and knickers down to my ankles and immediately his hand lands firmly  on my buttocks in a crack as he spanks me half a dozen times. I inhale to try and mask the pain and refrain from squealing too loud.

Just as I begin to compose myself I feel the tip of his cock intruding between my legs. I arch my back and push my arse towards him. At the same time, he drives his hips forward and the joyous momentum of fucking begins. Holding on to the top of the wall to steady myself he takes a handful of my swaying breasts at the same time as thrusting his cock into me.  I can hear him groan in pleasure and he slaps my breasts and arse fervently whilst plunging his cock deeper and deeper into my cunt.

Putting my hand back between our legs I feel his balls as they slap against my arse. I really enjoy the way he fucks me –   the natural impulse he displays to “take me” without consideration.  Suddenly I hear myself gasp as he reaches that spot where to go deeper means pain for me.

I pull forward and turn. I can see his knob is red and swollen from the intensity of our fucking. The look excites me and I crouch down to kiss it.

He pulls me over to a high bit of flat wall and raises himself to sit on it. It is exactly the right height for my boobs to fondle his cock and balls. He loves to feel the weight of them as I brush them to and fro. He grabs my head and wipes his cock with my face. I take a step back and position myself so that as I engulf his cock in my mouth he can view my tits swinging.

Shoving my head down further, I gag involuntarily then take back a little control by putting pressure on the middle and end of his cock. Moving my fingers and lips, glancing up at him whilst I do it. His cock swells and his thighs tense, I know the moment of ejaculation is near. The spunk explodes in my mouth and he lets out a sigh of appreciation. I stand up straight, thrust my tits forward and swallow. Smiling.

“Good Girl”, he says jumping down from the wall.

Spontaneous sex makes the world a happier place 😉

Such an interlude is fun, sexy and satisfying. But what it also does is to help to create a stable relationship between you both. How could it not when you are sharing such an impulsive exciting and invigorating time together? Quality time with the one you love. I am always delighted my man is still so up, in more ways than one,  for spontaneous and fun sexual activities with ME.

And did it matter to me that I didn’t orgasm? Absolutely not, that can be put to rights at any time. The experience in the stable was very special.

We came back into the house and resumed tasks in the kitchen. Our guests rose from their nap and we made dinner and drank wine. All evening long my right breast was itching. When it came to undressing for bed,  I took my bra off and pulled out a piece of straw a couple of inches long. I looked at it grinning, remembering the afternoon. I have never felt too stable in my life. The afternoon’s endeavour added to the strength of our union; added to the joy in my heart; and added ounces to our stable relationship.

I am not new to straw in my underwear – Outside Bondage in the Hayloft.

22 thoughts on “Straw, Sex & Spanking Story~ Stable Relationship”

  1. The final straw?! I’d love to see more of you in this delicious setting. I have a hankering, amounting to a desire to be in Jodhpurs and a thin white blouse, whilst being tied with tack, and cropped mercilessly, for some stable time submission.

  2. Not much for being around hay, but I’d give it a go for something this fun! Spontaneity is important. I like that you touch on that so nicely here

  3. “I feel the tip of his cock intruding between my legs”

    I loved that paragraph, such great writing. And a great story too. Fiction for me sadly, as there is no spontaneity in my marriage any more.

  4. This is the first writing I have read today May and to say it has invigorated me is a huge understatement. I just loved your sexual spontaneity! CP xx

  5. Just read this and thought – she’s nailed it again! Passed it to OH to read and bits of him appreciated it a lot! Well done May – you deliver a frisson every time.

  6. That sigh of appreciation is the greatest feeling in the world. Seeing your tits thrust forward just might be one of the greatest sights in the world, May.

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